5 Minutes or Less

5 Minutes or Less

Got five minutes? Enjoy a flash of cinematic inspiration with these dazzling shorts.

5 Minutes or Less
  • Black Something

    Directed by Nathan Zellner and David Zellner • 2016 • United States

    In late 2015, “Bright Ideas” magazine commissioned the Zellner Bros. to make a short piece in response to a Criterion Collection release that they considered inspiring. The brothers chose Louis Malle’s wild, hallucinogenic BLACK...

  • E•pis•to•lar•y: Letter to Jean Vigo

    Directed by Lynne Sachs • 2021 • United States, Spain

    In a cinema letter to French director Jean Vigo, filmmaker Lynne Sachs ponders the delicate resonances of his 1933 classic ZÉRO DE CONDUITE, in which a group of schoolboys wage an anarchist rebellion against their authoritarian teachers. Thin...

  • Mobilize

    Directed by Caroline Monnet • 2015 • Canada

    Assembled from archival footage of Canada’s First Nations peoples and cut to a pulse-quickening electronic soundtrack, MOBILIZE is a breathless journey from the northern woods to the tops of New York skyscrapers, almost all of which have been construct...

  • Split Ends, I Feel Wonderful

    Directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu • 2012 • United States

    Playful yet powerful, Akosua Adoma Owusu’s SPLIT ENDS, I FEEL WONDERFUL focuses on African American women’s hair, spinning found footage of 1970s New York hair salons and hairstyles into a dense collage of gesture and image.

  • Suddenly, Honolulu

    Directed by Christopher Makoto Yogi • 2015 • United States

    A child’s ghost story is set to a meditation on the changing, construction-scarred skyline of O‘ahu.

  • Jonas Mekas in Kodachrome Days

    Directed by Ken Jacobs • 2009 • United States

    Avant-garde titan Ken Jacobs captures a candid moment with Jonas Mekas “dawdling in the cosmos.”

  • Butterfly

    Directed by Shirley Clarke • 1967 • United States

    This protest film was originally screened at the Week of Angry Arts Against the War in Vietnam, which director Shirley Clarke helped organize at New York University in 1967.

  • Liberian Boy

    Directed by Mati Diop and Manon Lutanie • 2015 • France, Canada
    Starring Jules Langlade

    A boy channels his inner Michael Jackson in this experimental dance film set to a pulsing electro-pop beat.

  • Something to Remember

    Directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr • 2019 • Sweden
    Starring Linnéa Wikblad, Staffan Westerberg, Arja Saijonmaa

    A lullaby before the great disaster. Two pigeons visit a zoo without animals, a snail measures his blood pressure at the doctor, in the CERN laboratory something has gone terribly wrong...

  • The Alphabet

    Directed by David Lynch • 1968 • United States

    This experimental short film presents a sick woman's nightmare involving living representations of the alphabet.

  • How to Take a Bath

    Directed by Guy Maddin • 2009 • Canada
    Starring Louis Negin

    Legendary poet John Ashbery scripted this absurdist step-by-step guide to bathing, excerpted from Guy Maddin’s feature THE FORBIDDEN ROOM and restored to its original form as a stand-alone film.

  • Zora Neale Hurston Fieldwork Footage

    Directed by Zora Neale Hurston • 1928 • United States

    While a student of anthropologist Franz Boas at Columbia University, Zora Neale Hurston embarked on a journey through Alabama and Florida, using a 16 mm camera to capture life among the rural African American communities she found there. Hurs...