Age of Anxiety

Age of Anxiety

2 Episodes

The millennial generation confronts the existential void in a pair of blissfully melancholic reveries steeped in the pop-culture aesthetics of their time. An elegiac experimental essay suffused with a dreamy, vaporwave vibe, Jorge Jácome’s PAST PERFECT is described by the filmmaker as an archaeological investigation of the state of mind of our present. It’s on a shared wavelength with Michał Marczak’s docufiction hybrid ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, an intoxicating chronicle of two EDM-fueled Warsaw summers in the lives of a pair of art-school classmates high on the euphoric possibilities of youth, yet painfully aware of its ephemerality.

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Age of Anxiety
  • Past Perfect

    Episode 1

    Directed by Jorge Jácome • 2019 • Portugal

    Jorge Jácome’s hypnotic video essay sets a gauzy kaleidoscope of images to a philosophical rumination on the crushing malaise of our present age and the indistinct longing for a return to the past.

  • All These Sleepless Nights

    Episode 2

    Directed by Michał Marczak • 2016 • Poland, United Kingdom
    Starring Krzysztof Bagiński, Michał Huszcza, Eva Lebuef

    What does it mean to be truly awake in a world that seems satisfied to be asleep? In this dreamy docufiction plunge into the world of two art-school students giving themselves over...