Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty!

2 Episodes

Two of classic Hollywood’s most sophisticated and singular stylists lend their distinctive sensibilities to these sharp-clawed tales of feline terror. Produced by legendary B-movie maverick Val Lewton and directed by Jacques Tourneur, CAT PEOPLE—about a woman who believes that arousal will turn her into a killer panther—redefined the possibilities of horror cinema with its emphasis on moody shadow play and unsettling psychological ambiguity. Like Lewton, Albert Lewin was an erudite aesthete whose outré films blend the mythic and the surreal to delirious effect, as seen in the fascinating Mexican production THE LIVING IDOL, in which a young woman is seemingly terrorized by the vengeful spirit of a demonic Mayan jaguar.

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Bad Kitty!
  • Cat People

    Episode 1

    Directed by Jacques Tourneur • 1942 • United States
    Starring Simone Simon, Kent Smith

    The first of the horror films producer Val Lewton made for RKO Pictures redefined the genre by leaving its most frightening terrors to its audience’s imagination. Simone Simon stars as a Serbian émigré in Manha...

  • The Living Idol

    Episode 2

    Directed by Albert Lewin and René Cardona • 1957 • United States, Mexico
    Starring Steve Forrest, Liliane Montevecchi, Eduardo Noriega

    Albert Lewin (PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN) codirects this singularly strange and fascinating philosophical horror film. Spectacularly shot on location in Mexi...