Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden

2 Episodes

The burdens of donkeyhood hold a mirror up to the human condition in an animated short about an office drone transformed by a prank and in Robert Bresson’s classic parable of an ass who suffers for the sins of mankind.

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Beasts of Burden
  • Edmond Was a Donkey

    Episode 1

    Directed by Franck Dion • 2012 • Canada

    This animated short about social conformity tells the story of Edmond - a very 'different' sort of guy. When his co-workers jokingly crown him with a pair of donkey ears, Edmond suddenly discovers his true identity. And while he enjoys his newfound self, t...

  • Au hasard Balthazar

    Episode 2

    Directed by Robert Bresson • 1966 • France
    Starring Anne Wiazemsky, Walter Green, François Lafarge

    A profound masterpiece from one of the most revered filmmakers in the history of cinema, Robert Bresson’s AU HASARD BALTHAZAR follows the donkey Balthazar as he is passed from owner to owner, some ...