Bon Voyage Blues

Bon Voyage Blues

2 Episodes

Two women search for human connection in sunnier climes in these quietly revelatory tales of summertime ennui and self-discovery. Heralding the arrival of one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British cinema, Joanna Hogg’s feature debut UNRELATED follows a discontented middle-aged woman as she leaves her husband behind for a trip to Italy where hedonism and melancholy mingle in sun-dappled Tuscany. With their blend of light-filled naturalism and casually profound insights into the human condition, the films of Eric Rohmer have been cited by Hogg as a key influence, and his masterpiece THE GREEN RAY concerns a similarly adrift young woman attempting to restart her life during a transformative solo holiday on the coast of France.

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Bon Voyage Blues
  • Unrelated

    Episode 1

    Directed by Joanna Hogg • 2007 • United Kingdom
    Starring Kathryn Worth, Tom Hiddleston

    Anna (Kathryn Worth) arrives in Italy to stay with her school friend Verena (Mary Roscoe) and her family in their rented villa in Tuscany. Her partner Alex was meant to accompany her, but Anna tells Verena...

  • The Green Ray

    Episode 2

    Directed by Eric Rohmer • 1986 • France

    While on summer vacation, a lonely woman attempts to deal with her personal feelings of isolation.