By the Skin of His Teeth

By the Skin of His Teeth

3 Episodes

The ever-sneering Richard E. Grant (WITHNAIL AND I) experiments with teeth and talks to a boil in these black comedies.

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By the Skin of His Teeth
  • Introduction

    Episode 1

  • Teeth

    Episode 2

    Directed by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown • 2015 • United Kingdom

    Things of worth are often neglected in favour of that which might be more immediately gratifying. Unfortunately, the things that are neglected are often lost forever, irreplaceable. This is the story of a man with a misguided and inte...

  • How to Get Ahead in Advertising

    Episode 3

    Directed by Bruce Robinson • 1988 • United Kingdom, United States
    Starring Richard E. Grant, Rachel Ward, Richard Wilson

    Richard E. Grant is the endlessly suave Dennis Bagley, a high-strung advertising executive whose shoulder sprouts an evil, talking boil. The boil speaks only to Bagley, is sil...