Caribbean Journeys

Caribbean Journeys

2 Episodes

Experience some of the many dimensions of life in the Caribbean in two immersive voyages through its islands. DADLI, the 16 mm debut short from acclaimed cinematographer Shabier Kirchner (SMALL AXE), is a richly textured, observational portrait of street life in Antigua, the island where he grew up, as seen through the eyes of a young boy. Then, Khalik Allah takes us on a spiritual journey through Jamaica in his mesmerizing BLACK MOTHER, exploring both the island’s vibrant culture and tumultuous history through a procession of ecstatically poetic images.

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Caribbean Journeys
  • Dadli

    Episode 1

    Directed by Shabier Kirchner • 2018 • Antigua and Barbuda
    Starring Tiquan White

    The debut short from cinematographer Shabier Kirchner is an immersive, woozily impressionistic portrait of street life on his home island of Antigua, as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

  • Black Mother

    Episode 2

    Directed by Khalik Allah • 2018 • United States

    Part film, part baptism, BLACK MOTHER brings us on a spiritual journey through Jamaica. Soaking up its bustling metropolises and tranquil countryside, director Khalik Allah introduces us to a succession of vividly rendered souls who call this islan...