Chris Marker Meets 2 Live Crew

Chris Marker Meets 2 Live Crew

2 Episodes

Chris Marker’s radically influential, time-traveling voyage through history and memory is paired with a gonzo, rainbow-colored reimagining of it starring 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell.

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Chris Marker Meets 2 Live Crew
  • Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke

    Episode 1

    Directed by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer • 2012 • United States

    Uncle Luke changes the face of hip-hop, is elected mayor of Miami and survives a nuclear meltdown.

  • La Jetée

    Episode 2

    Directed by Chris Marker • 1963 • France

    Chris Marker, filmmaker, poet, novelist, photographer, editor, and now videographer and digital multimedia artist, has been challenging moviegoers, philosophers, and himself for years with his complex queries about time, memory, and the rapid advancement ...