Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous Cargo

2 Episodes

Fasten your seatbelts for a pair of white-knuckle road trips through treacherous terrain. Henri-Georges Clouzot set a new standard for screen suspense with his nonstop nerve-shredder THE WAGES OF FEAR, in which a quartet of desperate men face danger at every turn when they sign on to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin through the mountains. More than sixty years later, Ognjen Glavonić brings us an equally stress-inducing ride through the war-torn Balkans of the late 1990s in THE LOAD, about a driver hired to transport mysterious cargo from Kosovo to Belgrade who gradually comes to realize the horrifying ramifications of his mission.

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Dangerous Cargo
  • The Wages of Fear

    Episode 1

    Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot • 1953 • France
    Starring Yves Montand, Charles Vanel, Peter Van Eyck

    In a squalid South American oil town, four desperate men sign on for a suicide mission to drive trucks loaded with nitroglycerin over a treacherous mountain route. As they ferry their explosive...

  • The Load

    Episode 2

    Directed by Ognjen Glavonić • 2018 • Croatia
    Starring Leon Lučev, Pavle Čemerikić, Tamara Krcunović

    Ognjen Glavonić’s acclaimed narrative feature debut is a taut suspense thriller recalling THE WAGES OF FEAR and SORCERER. During NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999, Vlada (Leon Lucev), a truck drive...