Documentaries by Maya Da-Rin

Documentaries by Maya Da-Rin

2 Episodes

Presented alongside the streaming premiere of Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist Maya Da-Rin’s mesmerizing narrative feature debut THE FEVER, these richly sensorial nonfiction works capture the ebb and flow of life along the triple-border region where Brazil, Colombia, and Peru meet. With a mix of ethnographic observation and dreamy impressionism, Da-Rin’s documentaries MARGIN and LANDS meditate on the landscapes, people, and intertwining cultures that comprise this unique, ever-changing urban island in the midst of the Amazon.

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Documentaries by Maya Da-Rin
  • Margin

    Episode 1

    Directed by Maya Da-Rin • 2007 • Brazil, Peru

    Large boats navigate the Amazon River daily, transporting people, animals, and goods. Here, filmmaker Maya Da-Rin captures one of these trips, starting at the border of Brazil and Colombia and traveling to the Peruvian city of Iquitos. During two day...

  • Lands

    Episode 2

    Directed by Maya Da-Rin • 2009 • Brazil
    Starring Manoel Dias, Irene Ipuchima, Basilia Kumimarima

    On the triple border between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, the twin towns of Letícia and Tabatinga form an urban island surrounded by the Amazon forest. Located somewhere between documentary, ethnograp...