Short Films by Marie Losier

Short Films by Marie Losier

16 Episodes

New York City–based French filmmaker Marie Losier captures the freewheeling energy of the avant-garde underground through her playful, lovingly handmade 16 mm portraits of boundary-pushing musicians, artists, and performers. These exuberantly inventive experimental shorts—which feature such counterculture luminaries as George Kuchar, Guy Maddin, Alan Vega, and Tony Conrad—reflect Losier’s ability to achieve an almost symbiotic creative rapport with her larger-than-life subjects.

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Short Films by Marie Losier
  • Marie Losier Interview

    Episode 1

    This interview with director Marie Losier was recorded in 2020.

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    Episode 2

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2002 • United States

    The story of Joan of Arc is one of the most frequently told tales in cinema’s hundred-plus-year history. This version is a postmortem/postmodern collaboration between Carl Theodor Dreyer and Marie Losier, who inserts herself into the 1928 film as G...

  • The Touch Retouched

    Episode 3

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2002 • United States

    In 1971, Ingmar Bergman made his first English-language film, THE TOUCH, starring ensemble regulars Max von Sydow and Bibi Andersson, along with seventies everyman Elliott Gould. Thirty years later, Marie Losier decided to recast herself in Gould’s...

  • Bird, Bath and Beyond

    Episode 4

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2003 • United States
    Starring Mike Kuchar

    In this portrait of Mike Kuchar, the sultan of lo-fi camp floats through his memories as sea, space, and sky drift past. Wrapped in odd costumes, he frolics with the imaginary creatures surrounding him and recalls the creatures...

  • Electrocute Your Stars

    Episode 5

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2004 • United States
    Starring George Kuchar

    Underground-cinema icon George Kuchar travels through snow confetti, strobe flashes, and artificial wind as he describes his weather diaries. And then George joins Janet Leigh in the shower. Wearing a red raincoat and a showe...

  • The Ontological Cowboy

    Episode 6

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2005 • United States
    Starring Richard Foreman

    “The theater is about sex.” At least according to Richard Foreman, the father of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater. THE ONTOLOGICAL COWBOY documents Foreman’s invocation of the “manifest destiny” of the avant-garde theater. ...

  • Eat My Makeup!

    Episode 7

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2005 • United States
    Starring George Kuchar, Marie Losier, Jason Livingston

    Five women picnic on the roof of a warehouse in charming Long Island City, a forest of skyscrapers gleaming across the river. But when a swarm of flies interrupts their feast of chocolate-cover...

  • Flying Saucey!

    Episode 8

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2006 • United States

    A giant pot is descending from the sky. Twenty winsome damsels are landing on planet Earth, emerging from the pot filled with 280 pounds of spaghetti. A battle for sauce and survival ensues.

  • Manuelle Labor

    Episode 9

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2007 • United States
    Starring Marie Losier, Guy Maddin, Juliana Francis

    Two sisters, five brothers, a doctor, two nurses, and the miraculous birth of a pair of hands . . . but whose hands? Made in collaboration with Guy Maddin.

  • Tony Conrad, DreaMinimalist

    Episode 10

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2008 • United States
    Starring Tony Conrad

    This is a dream portrait of Tony Conrad, the legendary experimental filmmaker, musician, composer, sound artist, teacher, and writer. Here we discover Conrad playing in his studio with costumes and wigs, practicing his violin i...

  • Papal Broken-Dance

    Episode 11

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2009 • United States
    Starring Genesis P-Orridge

    This campy music video, made in the style of an early-sixties Scopitone film, features ten boys in singlets and girls in red tutus, all joyfully dancing with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring.

  • Cet Air La

    Episode 12

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2010 • United States

    Singer April March and musician Julien Gasc perform the famous French song of the title while flying over a superimposed dreamscape of clouds, birds, bubbles, smoke, and glitter.

  • Byun, objet trouvé

    Episode 13

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2012 • United States
    Starring Chong Gon Byun

    Acclaimed mixed-media artist Chong Gon Byun uses found and discarded objects to create intricate, surrealist sculptures that explore the clash between postindustrial civilization and our contemporary consumerist culture.

  • Bim, Bam, Boom, las Luchas Morenas

    Episode 14

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2014 • Mexico, United States

    Rossy, Esther, and Cynthia, three sisters and professional luchadoras part of the Dynasty Moreno, are competitive wrestlers in the ring. But they also bring lucha libre into life, wrestling with knives, pig heads, flowers and feathers!

  • Alan Vega: Just a Million Dreams

    Episode 15

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2014 • United States
    Starring Alan Vega

    This intimate portrait depicts the rebellious soul of groundbreaking visual artist and pioneer of minimalist electronic rock Alan Vega, vocalist and composer for the influential postpunk band Suicide. Alan plays with the camera w...

  • Draw Me Now

    Episode 16

    Directed by Marie Losier • 2018 • United States

    Artist Peter Hristoff teaches painting the way a filmmaker or theater director commandeers his actors, with the class as his playground, his stage. The students surround a field of models in handmade costumes who dance, pause, create emotions, and ...