High-Flying Heroes

High-Flying Heroes

2 Episodes

Composed in a constructivist riot of eyeball-scrambling images, Matthew Rankin’s acclaimed experimental short MYNARSKI DEATH PLUMMET jumbles live action and animation to expressionistically evoke the courageous final moments of Andrew Mynarski, a Canadian World War II airman who plunged to his death after saving the life of a fellow pilot. It’s a white-knuckle warm-up to the daredevil action on display in Howard Hawks’s rollicking adventure classic ONLY ANGEL HAVE WINGS, starring Cary Grant as a dashing pilot who risks life and limb to keep the mail deliveries flying in a remote South American outpost.

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High-Flying Heroes
  • Mynarski Death Plummet

    Episode 1

    Directed by Matthew Rankin • 2014 • Canada
    Starring Alek Rzeszowski, Robert Vilar, Annie St-Pierre

    The fatal fall to Earth of heroic World War II pilot Andrew Mynarski is rendered with white-hot expressionist intensity in this stroboscopic collage of live action and animation.

  • Only Angels Have Wings

    Episode 2

    Directed by Howard Hawks • 1939 • United States
    Starring Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth

    Electrified by crackling dialogue and visual craftsmanship of the great Howard Hawks, ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS stars Jean Arthur as a traveling entertainer who gets more than she bargained for during a ...