It’s a Mad, Mad Christmas

It’s a Mad, Mad Christmas

2 Episodes

There’s no place like home for the holidays as two singularly imaginative auteurs capture the comedy and chaos of Christmastime family gatherings. First, Portuguese spellbinder Miguel Gomes takes a kaleidoscopic, kid’s-eye view of a rambunctious yuletide get-together in his delightfully cozy holiday surprise CHRISTMAS INVENTORY. Then, Arnaud Desplechin weaves a tapestry of merriment, melancholy, and messy emotions in A CHRISTMAS TALE, a marvelously rich, unpredictable portrait of a most unforgettable family reunion, presided over by an imperious Catherine Deneuve.

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It’s a Mad, Mad Christmas
  • Christmas Inventory

    Episode 1

    Directed by Miguel Gomes • 2000 • Portugal

    Miguel Gomes captures a giddy, child’s-eye view of a family’s rambunctious holiday gathering—with a particular focus on the glittering baubles and colorful toys that make the season bright.

  • A Christmas Tale

    Episode 2

    Directed by Arnaud Desplechin • 2008 • France

    In Arnaud Desplechin's beguiling A CHRISTMAS TALE (Un conte de Noël), Catherine Deneuve brings her legendary poise to the role of Junon, matriarch of the troubled Vuillard family, who come together at Christmas after she learns she needs a bone marro...