Jamdown Style

Jamdown Style

2 Episodes

In 1972, Perry Henzell put Jamaican cinema on the map with his landmark cult classic THE HARDER THEY COME, a Robin Hood–esque crime fable starring legendary musician Jimmy Cliff that went on to become a phenomenon in its home country. Henzell’s long-lost sophomore feature, NO PLACE LIKE HOME, was shelved for three decades before finally emerging in 2005, offering a vital snapshot of rural Jamaica in the 1970s (as well as a glimpse of a pre-superstardom Grace Jones). Both films pulse with vibrant sights, sounds, and energy—as well as the intoxicating rhythms of their killer reggae, ska, and pop soundtracks.

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Jamdown Style
  • The Harder They Come

    Episode 1

    Directed by Perry Henzell • 1973 • Jamaica
    Starring Jimmy Cliff, Janet Bartley, Carl Bradshaw

    Reggae superstar Jimmy Cliff is Ivan, a rural Jamaican musician who journeys to the city of Kingston in search of fame and fortune. Pushed to desperate circumstances by shady record producers and corrup...

  • No Place Like Home

    Episode 2

    Directed by Perry Henzell • 2006 • Jamaica, United States
    Starring Susan O’Meara, Carl Bradshaw, Countryman

    The follow-up to Perry Henzell’s Jamaican-cinema landmark THE HARDER THEY COME was shot in the midseventies but not completed until three decades later. When the shampoo commercial she’s s...