Killer Couples x 3

Killer Couples x 3

4 Episodes

The couple that kills together . . . makes for irresistibly juicy cinema in these lurid, darkly comic tales of love gone wrong. Inspired by the notorious “Lonely Hearts Killers” of the 1940s who preyed on the lovelorn, Leonard Kastle’s indelibly creepy scuzz classic THE HONEYMOON KILLERS is an at once shocking and weirdly touching tale of l’amour fou that was heralded by François Truffaut as his “favorite American film.” No less perverse are the deliciously outré cult gem EATING RAOUL and Ben Wheatley’s wicked, very English black comedy SIGHTSEERS, both of which see seemingly innocuous couples go from buttoned-up and bland to crazed and kinky with audaciously funny results.

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Killer Couples x 3
  • Killer Couples Teaser

    Episode 1

    Three couples you definitely don’t want to meet at a party.

  • The Honeymoon Killers

    Episode 2

    Directed by Leonard Kastle • 1969 • United States

    Martha Beck (Shirley Stoler) is sullen, overweight, and lonely. Desperate for affection, she joins Aunt Carrie's Friendship Club and strikes up a correspondence with Ray Fernandez (Tony Lo Bianco), a charismatic smooth talker who could be the m...

  • Eating Raoul

    Episode 3

    Directed by Paul Bartel • 1982 • United States

    A sleeper hit of the early 1980s, Eating Raoul is a bawdy, gleefully amoral tale of conspicuous consumption. Warhol superstar Mary Woronov and cult legend Paul Bartel (who also directed) portray a prudish married couple who feel put upon by the swin...

  • Sightseers

    Episode 4

    Directed by Ben Wheatley • 2012 • United Kingdom
    Starring Alice Lowe, Steve Oram

    Ben Wheatley’s third feature is an unmistakably English black comedy that charts a misfit couple’s road trip as it evolves into a killing spree. Chris (Steve Oram) wants to show Tina (Alice Lowe) his world and he...