Leaving August 31

Leaving August 31

Leaving August 31
  • The Poseidon Adventure

    Directed by Ronald Neame • 1972 • United States
    Starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons

    A titanic ensemble cast led by Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine headlines this epically entertaining disaster-movie classic. While making its final voyage from New York to Greece, the soon-to-be-d...

  • Double Indemnity

    Directed by Billy Wilder • 1944 • United States
    Starring Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson

    Has dialogue ever been more perfectly hard-boiled? Has a femme fatale ever been as deliciously wicked as Barbara Stanwyck? And has 1940s Los Angeles ever looked so seductively sordid? Wo...

  • Sátántangó

    Directed by Béla Tarr • 1994 • Hungary
    Starring Mihály Vig, Putyi Horváth, László feLugossy

    One of the towering achievements of modern cinema, Béla Tarr’s newly restored magnum opus, based on the novel by László Krasznahorkai, follows members of a small, defunct agricultural collective who set ...

  • Five Graves to Cairo

    Directed by Billy Wilder • 1943 • United States
    Starring Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, Akim Tamiroff

    The second film that Billy Wilder directed in Hollywood is a crackling World War II espionage thriller in which a British officer (Franchot Tone) stranded in Libya assumes the identity of a dead wa...

  • Cinema Paradiso

    Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore • 1988 • Italy
    Starring Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Marco Leonardi

    The ultimate film about movie love, this Oscar-winning international sensation is a heartstring-plucking ode to the magic of the big screen. Returning to the Sicilian village of his boyhood, a ...

  • The Thin Man

    Directed by W. S. Van Dyke • 1934 • United States
    Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Maureen O’Sullivan

    Nick and Nora Charles cordially invite you to bring your own alibi to this jaunty, dry-witted whodunit, which made William Powell and Myrna Loy the champagne elite of sleuthing. Bantering in ...

  • Before Sunrise

    Directed by Richard Linklater • 1995 • United States
    Starring Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

    An exquisitely understated ode to the thrill of romantic possibility, the inaugural installment of THE BEFORE TRILOGY opens with a chance encounter between two solitary young strangers. After they hit it off o...

  • Year of the Dragon

    Directed by Michael Cimino • 1985 • United States
    Starring Mickey Rourke, John Lone, Ariane

    Introduction: This film has been programmed as part of the series Hollywood Chinese, a survey on the history of Chinese representation in American cinema, curated by filmmaker Arthur Dong. He notes: “YEAR...

  • Midnight Run

    Directed by Martin Brest • 1988 • United States
    Starring Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto

    When bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert DeNiro) is charged with tracking down bail jumper Jon Mardukas (Charles Grodin), he has no idea that both the mob and the FBI have the same plan. Propelled ...

  • After the Thin Man

    Directed by W. S. Van Dyke • 1936 • United States
    Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, James Stewart

    William Powell and Myrna Loy reunite with the writers and director of THE THIN MAN in the giddy second film about the urbane team of husband-and-wife sleuths Nick and Nora Charles. It’s New Year’s...

  • Before Sunset

    Directed by Richard Linklater • 2004 • United States
    Starring Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

    In the breathtaking follow-up to BEFORE SUNRISE, Celine tracks down Jesse, now an author, at the tail end of his book tour in Paris, with only a few hours left before he is to board a flight back home to the S...

  • Days of Wine and Roses

    Directed by Blake Edwards • 1962 • United States
    Starring Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford

    Blake Edwards’s powerful adaptation of J. P. Miller’s heartrending teleplay broke startling new ground in its unsparing, bare-knuckled look at an ordinary family torn apart by alcoholism. Cast aga...

  • A Foreign Affair

    Directed by Billy Wilder • 1948 • United States
    Starring Jean Arthur, Marlene Dietrich, John Lund

    Émigré director Billy Wilder returned to Europe for this strikingly sophisticated romance, which daringly combines comedy and geopolitics amid the ruins of postwar Berlin. Jean Arthur came out of re...

  • Forbidden Planet

    Directed by Fred M. Wilcox • 1956 • United States
    Starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen

    There are many wonders on Altair-4, but none is greater or more deadly than the human mind. A landmark of fifties sci-fi loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” FORBIDDEN PLANET is th...

  • The Badlanders

    Directed by Delmer Daves • 1958 • United States
    Starring Alan Ladd, Ernest Borgnine, Katy Jurado

    A pair of wrongly convicted felons meet in Arizona’s dreaded federal prison and weave a twisting plot for vengeance against the man who framed them in this crisp remake of caper classic THE ASPHALT J...

  • The Lost Weekend

    Directed by Billy Wilder • 1945 • United States
    Starring Ray Milland, Jane Wyman, Phillip Terry

    Billy Wilder’s searing portrait of alcoholic self-destruction broke new ground in its frank, hard-hitting treatment of addiction. Ray Milland delivers a fearless, Academy Award–winning performance as ...

  • The Sea Wolf

    Directed by Michael Curtiz • 1941 • United States
    Starring Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupino, John Garfield

    Michael Curtiz’s masterful adaptation of Jack London’s classic psychological adventure novel gives Edward G. Robinson one of his finest screen hours as Wolf Larsen, the tyrannical captain of ...

  • The Set-Up

    Directed by Robert Wise • 1949 • United States
    Starring Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter, George Tobias

    In one of his defining performances, Robert Ryan stars as boxer Stoker Thompson, an over-the-hill heavyweight boxer who’s been in the game for twenty years and is sure he’s just one punch away from ...

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Directed by Vittorio De Sica • 1963 • Italy, France
    Starring Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Aldo Giuffrè

    Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar at the 1964 Academy Awards, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW is a sparklingly original comedy that casts Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren...

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Directed by John Cameron Mitchell • 2001 • United States
    Starring John Cameron Mitchell, Andrea Martin, Michael Pitt

    With this trailblazing musical, writer-director-star John Cameron Mitchell and composer-lyricist Stephen Trask brought their signature creation from stage to screen for a movie...

  • Mephisto

    Directed by István Szabó • 1981 • West Germany, Hungary
    Starring Klaus Maria Brandauer, Krystyna Janda, Ildikó Bánsági

    The first Hungarian film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film is a haunting update of the Faust legend set in Nazi Germany. Hendrik Hoefgen (Klaus Maria Brand...

  • Sign o’ the Times

    Directed by Prince • 1987 • United States
    Starring Prince, Sheila E., Levi Seacer Jr.

    Pop legend Prince is at the height of his powers in this concert-movie classic, drawing on his double-album masterpiece “Sign o’ the Times.” Sheila E., Boni Boyer, and Cat Glover provide rhythmic, vocal, and ph...

  • The Longest Day

    Directed by Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, and Bernhard Wicki • 1962 • United States
    Starring Eddie Albert, Paul Anka, Arletty

    A colossal international cast of all-stars—including Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, and George Segal—assembles for this...

  • A Chorus Line

    Directed by Richard Attenborough • 1985 • United States
    Starring Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Terrence Mann

    This spectacular adaptation of the Tony- and Pulitzer Prize–winning musical looks past the razzle-dazzle of the Broadway footlights to reveal the often bitter realities behind show-busine...