Phantom Worlds

Phantom Worlds

2 Episodes

A loose remake of Herk Harvey’s legendary surrealist nightmare CARNIVAL OF SOULS, Christian Petzold’s acclaimed metaphysical thriller YELLA similarly follows a woman who, after surviving a car accident, finds herself adrift in a haunted world—in this case, the soulless corporate limbo of post-reunification Germany. While the horror may be less overt than in Harvey’s cult classic, the sense of existential dread and spectral mystery is no less chilling.

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Phantom Worlds
  • Yella
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Directed by Christian Petzold • 2007 • Germany
    Starring Nina Hoss, Devid Striesow, Hinnerk Schönemann

    Narrowly escaping her volatile ex-husband, Yella flees her small hometown in former East Germany for a new life in the West. She finds a promising job with Philipp, a handsome business executive...

  • Carnival of Souls

    Episode 2

    Directed by Herk Harvey • 1962 • United States

    A young woman (Candace Hilligoss) in a small Kansas town survives a drag race accident, then agrees to take a job as a church organist in Salt Lake City. En route, she is haunted by a bizarre apparition that compels her toward an abandoned lakesid...