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Up Next in Artists on Artists: 12 Short Films Presented by This Long Century

  • Cuba Libre

    Directed by Albert Serra • 2013 • Spain
    Starring Xavier Gratacós, Albert Serra, Lluís Carbó

    Albert Serra pays homage to his cinematic idol Rainer Werner Fassbinder (and his film BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE in particular) in this musical short, which unfolds in an atmospheric nightclub where a singer ...

  • Prisoner’s Cinema

    Directed by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz • 2013 • Puerto Rico

    After prolonged incarceration and sensory deprivation, some prisoners experience visual hallucinations filled with extraordinary luminescence and color—visions sometimes referred to as “prisoner’s cinema.” Drawing on the writings of Puerto ...

  • Antoine/Milena

    Directed by Sharon Lockhart • 2015 • United States

    Artist Sharon Lockhart recreates a classic sequence from François Truffaut’s THE 400 BLOWS, starring her recurring collaborator Milena in the Antoine Doinel role.