Commanders in Grief

Commanders in Grief

2 Episodes

A pair of presidential satires explore the light and dark sides of being a country’s most powerful figurehead—and what happens when it all goes terribly wrong. Graced with impeccable deadpan timing, Alejandro Saevich’s short MAMARTUILE zooms in on the president of Mexico as he faces a most unusual crisis that encompasses not only geopolitics but graphic design as well. Then, Philip Baker Hall delivers a bravura one-man show as disgraced former president Richard Nixon, who reflects on his legacy with a mix of defiance and paranoia in Robert Altman’s SECRET HONOR, a searing portrait of one of America’s most complex and controversial leaders.

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Commanders in Grief
  • Mamartuile

    Episode 1

    Directed by Alejandro Saevich • 2017 • Mexico
    Starring Jacobo Lieberman, José María Yazpik, Alonso Íñiguez

    The outgoing president of Mexico just wants to ride out his final days in office in peace—but first he’ll have to deal with a most unusual crisis in this deadpan geopolitical satire.

  • Secret Honor

    Episode 2

    Directed by Robert Altman • 1984 • United States
    Starring Philip Baker Hall

    Sequestered in his home, a disgraced President Richard Milhous Nixon arms himself with a bottle of scotch and a gun to record memoirs that no one will hear. He is surrounded by the silent portraits of Lincoln, Eisenhower...