This commentary track, recorded in 2006, features film critic Richard Schickel discussing the genesis of film noir and the differences between James M. Cain’s novel “Double Indemnity” and the screenplay for the film version.

  • SECONDS Commentary

    This audio commentary, recorded in 1997, features director John Frankenheimer.

  • DHEEPAN Commentary

    This French-language audio commentary, featuring DHEEPAN director Jacques Audiard and coscreenwriter Noé Debré, was recorded in 2016. It is presented here with English subtitles.

  • CHARADE Commentary

    Recorded in 1999, this commentary features a conversation with director Stanley Donen and screenwriter Peter Stone.

  • BOYHOOD Commentary

    Recorded in Austin, Texas, in December 2015, this audio commentary features writer-director Richard Linklater, producer Cathleen Sutherland, editor Sandra Adair, coproducer and first assistant director Vince Palmo Jr., production designer Rodney Becker, costume designer Kari Perkins, casting dire...

  • TOPSY-TURVY Commentary

    The following commentary features director Mike Leigh and was recorded in 1999.


    This audio commentary, featuring director Wim Wenders, was recorded in 1999.

  • EATING RAOUL Commentary

    This commentary, recorded by the Criterion Collection in 2012, features screenwriter Richard Blackburn, production designer Robert Schulenberg, and editor Alan Toomayan.

  • LA HAINE Commentary

    Recorded in 2006, this audio commentary features director Mathieu Kassovitz.

  • YOUNG MR. LINCOLN Commentary

    Recorded in 2017, this commentary features author Joseph McBride (“Searching for John Ford: A Life”).

  • L’AVVENTURA Commentary

    Recorded in 1989, this audio commentary features film critic Gene Youngblood.

  • MAN PUSH CART Commentary

    The following commentary, recorded in 2005, features director Ramin Bahrani, director of photography Michael Simmonds, assistant director Nicholas Elliott, and actor Ahmad Razvi.

  • THE LAST PICTURE SHOW Commentary 1

    This commentary, recorded in 1991, features director Peter Bogdanovich and actors Cybill Shepherd, Randy Quaid, Cloris Leachman, and Frank Marshall.

  • SHAKE! OTIS AT MONTEREY Commentary 1

    The following commentary features music historian Peter Guralnick and was recorded in Boston in the winter of 2002. This commentary is a song-by-song reading of the film.

  • RASHOMON Commentary

    Recorded in 2001, this commentary features noted critic and historian Donald Richie, author of “The Films of Akira Kurosawa.”


    This audio commentary featuring director Melvin Van Peebles was recorded in 1997 for the Criterion Collection’s laserdisc edition of SWEET SWEETBACK’S BAADASSSSS SONG.

  • AFTER LIFE Commentary

    Recorded in 2021, this audio commentary features Linda C. Ehrlich, PhD, author of “The Films of Kore-eda Hirokazu: An Elemental Cinema.”


    This commentary by writer-director Perry Henzell and star Jimmy Cliff was recorded in 1999 and 2000.

  • LIFE IS SWEET Commentary

    This audio commentary features director Mike Leigh and was recorded in London in 2013.

  • THE CELEBRATION Commentary

    This commentary track, recorded in 2005, features director Thomas Vinterberg.

  • THE EMPEROR JONES Commentary

    Cultural historian Jeffrey C. Stewart, professor of history at George Mason University and the editor of Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen, recorded this commentary in 2006.

  • ROME OPEN CITY Commentary

    Recorded in 1995, this commentary features film scholar Peter Bondanella, author of “The Films of Roberto Rossellini.”

  • THE THIRD MAN Commentary 1

    In this commentary, recorded in New York City, in 2007, filmmaker Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Tony Gilroy discuss the style and lasting impact of THE THIRD MAN.

  • THE LAST METRO Commentary 1

    Recorded in 2008, this commentary features film scholar Annette Insdorf (“François Truffaut: Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust”).