• PARIS, TEXAS Commentary

    The following commentary features director Wim Wenders.

  • DONT LOOK BACK Commentary

    This audio commentary, recorded in 1999, features director D. A. Pennebaker and artist Bob Neuwirth.

  • SOLARIS Commentary

    Recorded in 2002, this commentary features film scholars Vida Johnson and Graham Petrie, coauthors of “The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky: A Visual Fugue.”

  • THE SEVENTH SEAL Commentary

    This commentary by film scholar Peter Cowie was recorded in 1987.

  • HARLAN COUNTY USA Commentary

    Recorded in 2005, this commentary features producer and director Barbara Kopple and director of editing Nancy Baker.

  • HOUSE OF GAMES Commentary

    Director David Mamet and HOUSE OF GAMES con consultant and actor Ricky Jay recorded this audio commentary together in Los Angeles in the spring of 2007.

  • FOR ALL MANKIND Commentary

    This audio commentary by filmmaker Al Reinert and astronaut Eugene Cernan was recorded in 1999. A veteran of three missions—including Apollo 17, on which he served as commander—Cernan was the last man to set foot on the lunar surface, in 1972.


    Recorded by the Criterion Collection in 2001, this audio commentary features filmmakers Noah Baumbach, Kenneth Bowser, Christopher Guest, and Michael McKean.

  • GIMME SHELTER Commentary

    Recorded in 2000, this commentary features directors Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin, along with collaborator Stanley Goldstein.

  • FISHING WITH JOHN: Episode 1 Commentary

    This commentary track, recorded in 1998, features writer/director/musician John Lurie.

  • THE EMPEROR JONES Commentary

    Cultural historian Jeffrey C. Stewart, professor of history at George Mason University and the editor of Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen, recorded this commentary in 2006.

  • THE RED SHOES Commentary

    Recorded in 1994, this audio commentary by film historian Ian Christie features interviews with stars Marius Goring and Moira Shearer, cinematographer Jack Cardiff, composer Brian Easdale, and Martin Scorsese.

  • QUADROPHENIA Commentary

    This audio commentary, recorded in London in April 2012, features director Franc Roddam and cinematographer Brian Tufano.

  • THE PLAYER Commentary

    Recorded in 1992, this audio commentary features director Robert Altman, writer Michael Tolkin, and cinematographer Jean Lépine.

  • KWAIDAN Commentary

    Recorded in 2015, this audio commentary features film scholar Stephen Prince, author of “The Warrior’s Camera.”

  • MONA LISA Commentary

    Recorded in 1996, this commentary features director Neil Jordan and actor Bob Hoskins.

  • THE BLOB Commentary 1

    This audio commentary, recorded in 2000, features producer Jack Harris and film historian Bruce Eder.

  • THE THIEF OF BAGDAD Commentary 1

    Recorded in Napa Valley, California, in 2007 and New York City in 2008, this commentary features renowned directors Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese offering their personal recollections of THE THIEF OF BAGDAD.


    This audio commentary from 2016 features writer-director John Waters and was recorded in New York.

  • HIGH AND LOW Commentary

    This audio commentary recorded in 2008 features film historian Stephen Prince, author of “The Warrior’s Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa” and professor of film studies at Virginia Tech.

  • SCHIZOPOLIS Commentary 1

    SCHIZOPOLIS is presented with two commentaries recorded in 2003. This commentary features director Steven Soderbergh interviewing himself.

  • YI YI Commentary

    This commentary features writer-director Edward Yang and noted Asian-cinema critic Tony Rayns in conversation.

  • SWEETIE Commentary

    Recorded in Sydney, Australia, in 2006, this commentary features director and cowriter Jane Campion, her screenwriting partner Gerard Lee, and director of photography Sally Bongers.

  • PARIS IS BURNING Commentary

    This commentary track, recorded in 2005, features director Jennie Livingston, Willi Ninja (mother of the House of Ninja), Freddie Pendavis (House of Pendavis), and editor Jonathan Oppenheim.