Directed by David Lynch

Directed by David Lynch

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A director of such distinctive, overpowering vision that he has inspired his own adjective, David Lynch makes films that seem telegraphed straight from his unconscious to the screen. Now streaming for the first time, Lynch’s newly restored masterpieces LOST HIGHWAY and INLAND EMPIRE, as well as a one-month-only limited engagement of his sui generis sci-fi epic DUNE, join this retrospective of his mind-altering work. From the unsettling surrealist imagery of his midnight-movie classic ERASERHEAD to the harrowing suburban nightmare TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME to the Hollywood Dream Factory odyssey MULHOLLAND DR., Lynch’s labyrinthine puzzle boxes turn the American psyche inside out to reveal its deepest, darkest dimensions.

Photo by Josh Telles

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Directed by David Lynch
  • Ballerina

    Episode 1

    The following short film was directed by David Lynch in 2007.

  • The Happiest of Happy Endings

    Episode 2

    This short audio recording features director David Lynch reading from “The Happiest of Happy Endings,” a chapter from “Room to Dream,” the 2018 book that he coauthored with critic Kristine McKenna.