Directed by Louis Malle

Directed by Louis Malle

25 Episodes

Crime dramas, comedies, romances, tragedies, fantasies, documentaries, and, of course, coming-of-age stories—director Louis Malle did it all. This most unpredictable and eclectic of filmmakers enriched cinema over a nearly forty-year career that took him from the peripheries of the French New Wave (ZAZIE DANS LE MÉTRO, THE FIRE WITHIN) to the vanguard of American moviemaking (MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ). While his intellectually curious nature led him to pursue myriad paths—including a fascinating parallel career as a master of the nonfiction form—it’s his deeply personal films about the terrors and confusions of childhood, such as MURMUR OF THE HEART and AU REVOIR LES ENFANTS, that stand as perhaps his most indelible achievements.

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Directed by Louis Malle
  • May Fools

    Episode 1

    Directed by Louis Malle • 1990 • France

    When a rash of strikes and political turmoil bubbles up in 1968 France, Milou (Michel Piccoli) finds himself unable to bury his mother.