Directed by Nelly Kaplan

Directed by Nelly Kaplan

4 Episodes

Sex, power, and rebellion are at the heart of the feminist cinema of Nelly Kaplan, the unsung iconoclast who passed away in November 2020. Born in Argentina to a Russian Jewish family, Kaplan relocated to Paris at age seventeen, where she became an assistant to legendary director Abel Gance before directing her first (and still best-known) feature, the caustic antipatriarchal revenge comedy A VERY CURIOUS GIRL. Transgressive, satirical, and surreal, Kaplan’s films are defined by their proactive female protagonists—complex, empowered women who, in Kaplan’s world, are always in charge.

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Directed by Nelly Kaplan
  • A Very Curious Girl

    Episode 1

    Directed by Nelly Kaplan • 1969 • France
    Starring Bernadette Lafont, Georges Géret, Henri Czarniak

    Nelly Kaplan made her directorial debut with this blazingly feminist portrait of a woman in revolt—or as Kaplan described her, “a witch who doesn’t let herself be burned.” Treated as an outcast and...

  • Papa the Little Boats

    Episode 2

    Directed by Nelly Kaplan • 1971 • France
    Starring Sheila White, Michel Bouquet, Judith Magre

    They messed with the wrong heiress. What seems like a brilliant plan—abducting the wealthy Vénus De Palma (Sheila White)—soon goes spectacularly awry for Marc (Michel Bouquet) and his gang of kidnappers,...

  • Charles and Lucie

    Episode 3

    Directed by Nelly Kaplan • 1979 • France
    Starring Daniel Ceccaldi, Ginette Garcin, Georges Claisse

    Nelly Kaplan brings wry humor and a touch of the surreal to this delightfully eccentric portrait of Charles (Daniel Ceccaldi) and Lucie (Ginette Garcin), a middle-aged couple whose marriage has lon...

  • The Pleasure of Love

    Episode 4

    Directed by Nelly Kaplan • 1991 • France
    Starring Pierre Arditi, Françoise Fabian, Dominique Blanc

    The final feature directed by Nelly Kaplan is a sly, period-set variation on her signature themes of sex, power, and the relationships between men and women. In the 1930s, egotistical teacher Guill...