Directed by Peter Greenaway

Directed by Peter Greenaway

12 Episodes

Endlessly fascinated by the baroque, the bizarre, and the esoteric, the uncompromisingly personal films of British iconoclast Peter Greenaway unfold like maddeningly intricate cabinets of curiosities. After fine-tuning his singular sensibility in a string of avant-garde shorts, Greenaway realized his idiosyncratic vision on an epic scale with his feature debut, THE FALLS, an apocalyptic faux documentary that established his penchant for arcane taxonomies and playful structuralist experimentation. He went on to achieve increasing critical and, at times, mainstream recognition with boldly unconventional works like the scabrous period mystery THE DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT and the perversely zoological dark comedy A ZED & TWO NOUGHTS. Witty, outrageous, sumptuous, shocking, and unapologetically intellectual, Greenaway’s films are richly realized worlds unto themselves, intricately constructed by an auteur unafraid to indulge his most private obsessions.

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Directed by Peter Greenaway
  • Introducing Peter Greenaway

    Episode 1

    A compendium of the fascinations, obsessions and opinions of Peter Greenaway

  • Intervals
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1973 • United Kingdom

    INTERVALS is Peter Greenaway’s self-described attempt at creating an entertaining abstract film—a series of bustling streetscapes from that most photogenic of cities, Venice. Using a self-conscious experiment in frame rate and a structure borro...

  • Windows
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1974 • United Kingdom
    Starring Peter Greenaway

    Peter Greenaway goes macabre—and political—in this darkly funny early short. Inspired by a 1960s headline involving a rash of mysterious fatalities among South African inmates, WINDOWS wryly unspools the stories of thir...

  • H Is for House

    Episode 4

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1976 • United Kingdom
    Starring Peter Greenaway, Colin Cantlie, Hannah Greenaway

    Returning to the house from his earlier film WINDOWS, Peter Greenaway demonstrates his love of the English countryside and displays a distinctive (if rare) autobiographical side. Envisio...

  • Dear Phone

    Episode 5

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1976 • United Kingdom
    Starring Peter Greenaway

    This wittily experimental short offers an oddball catalogue of red telephone booths and snippets of thirteen eccentric stories, each involving someone with the initials “HC.”

  • A Walk Through H

    Episode 6

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1978 • United Kingdom
    Starring Colin Cantlie, Jean Williams

    A WALK THROUGH H traverses a series of ninety-two maps—painted by director Peter Greenaway himself—that guide a deceased ornithologist into the afterlife. Reccurring motifs of meticulous detail, the desire ...

  • Vertical Features Remake

    Episode 7

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1978 • United Kingdom
    Starring Colin Cantlie

    In this mocking short, the fictional Institute of Reclamation and Restoration attempts to reconstruct (Peter Greenaway alter ego) Tulse Luper’s study of the aesthetic and ecological impact of various trees, posts, and pol...

  • Water Wrackets

    Episode 8

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1978 • United Kingdom
    Starring Colin Cantlie

    Landscape becomes the central performer in this mystical short that was Peter Greenaway’s first experiment with the fantastic. WATER WRACKETS’ vast wilderness and soothing soundtrack of babbling brooks vividly recount the...

  • The Falls

    Episode 9

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1980 • United Kingdom
    Starring Colin Cantlie, Hilary Thompson, Sheila Canfield

    Standing at a pivotal point in his filmography, poised between his early, witty shorts and the unique pleasures of his post–DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT oeuvre, THE FALLS is arguably the most s...

  • The Draughtsman's Contract

    Episode 10

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1982 • United Kingdom
    Starring Anthony Higgins, Janet Suzman, Anne Louise Lambert

    Set in a richly exaggerated seventeenth-century England, Peter Greenaway’s sumptuous and sensuously charged brainteaser catapulted him to the forefront of international art cinema. Ado...

  • A Zed & Two Noughts

    Episode 11

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1985 • United Kingdom
    Starring Andrea Ferréol, Brian Deacon, Eric Deacon

    “Two legs look so good together, don’t you think?” A masterpiece of modern cinema, A ZED & TWO NOUGHTS is Peter Greenaway’s beautifully disturbing and darkly humorous take on erotic obsession a...

  • The Pillow Book

    Episode 12

    Directed by Peter Greenaway • 1996 • United Kingdom, Netherlands
    Starring Vivian Wu, Ewan McGregor, Ken Ogata

    Beautiful to behold and impossible to forget, THE PILLOW BOOK is Peter Greenaway’s erotically charged drama about love, death, revenge, and the indelible nature of our earliest memories....