Docunight Presents: Iranian Women’s Stories

Docunight Presents: Iranian Women’s Stories

4 Episodes

An initiative of the Kiarostami Foundation, Docunight is a streaming platform dedicated to documentaries from and about Iran. As Iranian women protest for a say in the future of their society, Docunight presents four piercing works by female filmmakers, which examine the parts that marriage and religion play in shaping gender roles, while celebrating women who’ve carved out their own destinies through martial arts and filmmaking. These documentaries present rebellious and independent characters whose struggles echo the Kurdish slogan that today’s movement in Iran has adopted as its own: Woman, Life, Freedom.

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Docunight Presents: Iranian Women’s Stories
  • Here the Seats Are Vacant

    Episode 1

    Directed by Shiva Sanjari • 2016 • Iran

    The lives of Iranian women working in film changed drastically after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Shahrzad was sold by her father when she was only twelve years old, and was forced to dance in a cabaret in Tehran. Years passed and she became a famous ac...

  • The Broker

    Episode 2

    Directed by Azadi Moghadam • 2018 • Iran

    This documentary is about the work of a few brokers in a marriage-minded dating office in Iran. The manager, Mrs. Sadri, and her colleagues try to pair people for marriage using self-taught and experience-oriented methods, while Sadri’s two colleagues, Fe...

  • Radiograph of a Family

    Episode 3

    Directed by Firouzeh Khosrovani • 2020 • Norway, Iran

    “Mother married a photo of Father,” says director Firouzeh Khosrovani in the opening of this deeply personal documentary. She’s not speaking metaphorically. Her mother Tayi literally married a portrait of Hossein in Tehran; he was in Switzerl...

  • Platform

    Episode 4

    Directed by Sahar Mosayebi • 2021 • Iran, China
    Starring Elaheh Mansourian, Shahrbanoo Mansourian, Soheila Mansourian

    A ROCKY-esque tale of determination and grit, PLATFORM follows three Iranian sisters as they compete to become international champions of wushu, a Chinese martial art. The sister...