Fernando Di Leo’s Italian Crime Thrillers

Fernando Di Leo’s Italian Crime Thrillers

6 Episodes

European exploitation cinema doesn’t get any more exhilarating than the furious crime sagas of Italian cult auteur Fernando Di Leo, a maestro of pulp whose hard-boiled thrillers deliver both explosively stylized violence and subversive social commentary underpinned by a righteous moral worldview. Championed by Quentin Tarantino, who has cited Di Leo as a key influence, these crackling tales of gangsters, crooked cops, and vigilantes—including the hard-hitting Milieu Trilogy (CALIBER 9, THE ITALIAN CONNECTION, THE BOSS), which explores the corrosive effects of the mafia and police corruption on Italian society—are blistering expressions of rage against injustice.

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Fernando Di Leo’s Italian Crime Thrillers
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    Episode 1

  • Caliber 9

    Episode 2

    Directed by Fernando Di Leo • 1972 • Italy
    Starring Gastone Moschin, Barbara Bouchet, Mario Adorf

    In the propulsive first installment of Fernando Di Leo’s Milieu Trilogy, small-time gangster Ugo Piazza (Gastone Moschin) has just been released from prison. He tries to convince the police, the maf...

  • The Italian Connection

    Episode 3

    Directed by Fernando Di Leo • 1972 • Italy, Germany
    Starring Mario Adorf, Henry Silva, Woody Strode

    The furious second film in Fernando Di Leo’s Milieu Trilogy follows Luca Canali (Mario Adorf), a small-time mobster and pimp who has been set up by his gangland boss. When a shipment of heroin dis...

  • The Boss

    Episode 4

    Directed by Fernando Di Leo • 1973 • Italy
    Starring Henry Silva, Richard Conte, Gianni Garko

    Based largely on actual people and events, Fernando Di Leo’s slam-bang thriller—the final chapter in his Milieu Trilogy—is his boldest commentary on corruption and the criminal underworld. A bomb attack ...

  • Shoot First, Die Later

    Episode 5

    Directed by Fernando Di Leo • 1974 • Italy, France
    Starring Luc Merenda, Richard Conte, Delia Boccardo

    Tough, exciting, and dramatically potent, SHOOT FIRST, DIE LATER has garnered a reputation among cult-film aficionados as one of the most impressive Italian crime thrillers ever made. Luc Meren...

  • Kidnap Syndicate

    Episode 6

    Directed by Fernando Di Leo • 1975 • Italy
    Starring Luc Merenda, James Mason, Marino Masé

    Class tensions simmer in the wake of a kidnapping in this explosive tale of police injustice and vigilante revenge from cult auteur Fernando Di Leo. Colella (Luc Merenda) is a hard-working mechanic struggli...