Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex

2 Episodes

Two nuanced, emotionally raw queer romances get real about the intricacies of love, sex, and relationships. In Matthew Puccini’s sensitively observed, award-winning short DIRTY, a young couple’s relationship is put to the test as they navigate intimacy together for the first time. Its tender yet unflinching approach to matters of sex and sexuality is mirrored in Andrew Haigh’s acclaimed breakout feature WEEKEND, which traces a one-night stand turned budding relationship between two men with a sensitivity and frankness rarely seen on-screen.

Warning: Contains explicit content

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Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Dirty

    Episode 1

    Directed by Matthew Puccini • 2020 • United States
    Starring Morgan Sullivan, Manny Dunn

    High school boyfriends Marco and Graham cut class for a romantic rendezvous in bed—but things don’t go quite as planned in this tender, emotionally raw snapshot of two queer teenagers navigating intimacy toge...

  • Weekend

    Episode 2

    Directed by Andrew Haigh • 2011 • United Kingdom
    Starring Tom Cullen, Chris New

    This sensual, remarkably observed, beautifully acted wonder is the breakout feature from British writer-director-editor Andrew Haigh. Rarely has a film been as honest about sexuality—in both depiction and discussi...