Lover, Come Back to Me

Lover, Come Back to Me

2 Episodes

Things get complicated when long-dormant relationships are suddenly brought back to life. In Jerry Carlsson’s surreally destabilizing science-fiction love story SUCCESSFUL THAWING OF MR. MORO, a man faces a crisis when a scientific breakthrough makes it possible for his cryogenically frozen former partner to be reanimated. But is that really what he wants? Master director Christian Petzold’s spellbinding PHOENIX also rises from the embers of a reawakened love affair—one that draws a shattered woman into a labyrinthine mystery of identity, deception, and rebirth in post–World War II Germany.

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Lover, Come Back to Me
  • Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro

    Episode 1

    Directed by Jerry Carlsson • 2021 • Sweden
    Starring Richard Sseruwagi, Doreen Ndagire, Lisette Pagler

    When Mr. Moro finds out that his ex-partner Adrian, who has been cryogenically preserved for the past forty-three years, will be thawed and brought back to life, he must confront his complex fee...

  • Phoenix

    Episode 2

    Directed by Christian Petzold • 2014 • Germany
    Starring Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, Nina Kunzendorf

    This evocative and haunting drama, set in rubble-strewn Berlin in 1945, is like no other film about post-World War II Jewish-German identity. After surviving Auschwitz, a former cabaret singer (Ni...