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Newly Added
  • Touch of Evil

    Directed by Orson Welles • 1958 • United States
    Starring Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles

    Orson Welles’s sublimely sordid noir masterpiece opens with the most explosive tracking shot in all of cinema and ends with one of the medium’s most immortal lines (delivered, unforgettably, by Ma...

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Directed by Alexander Mackendrick • 1957 • United States
    Starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Susan Harrison

    In the swift, cynical SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, directed by Alexander Mackendrick, Burt Lancaster stars as the vicious Broadway gossip columnist J. J. Hunsecker, and Tony Curtis as Sidney ...

  • Valley Girl

    Directed by Martha Coolidge • 1983 • United States
    Starring Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Elizabeth Daily

    Before there was CLUELESS, there was VALLEY GIRL. Conceived as a teen exploitation cheapie meant to capitalize on the success of the single by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa that ignited a natio...

  • Baxter, Vera Baxter

    Directed by Marguerite Duras • 1977 • France
    Starring Delphine Seyrig, Noëlle Châtelet, Claudine Gabay

    “Baxter, Vera Baxter.” When she hears the name called out in a bar, a mysterious woman (Delphine Seyrig) finds herself drawn to its owner. During a visit to her sprawling villa, the stranger li...

  • Midnight Run

    Directed by Martin Brest • 1988 • United States
    Starring Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, Yaphet Kotto

    When bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert DeNiro) is charged with tracking down bail jumper Jon Mardukas (Charles Grodin), he has no idea that both the mob and the FBI have the same plan. Propelled ...

  • Silver Streak

    Directed by Arthur Hiller • 1976 • United States
    Starring Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh, Richard Pryor

    In this wild (and wildly popular) buddy-comedy adventure, rail passenger George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) finds that a romantic escapade with a sultry secretary (Jill Clayburgh) puts him in the midd...

  • A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But a Sandwich

    Directed by Ralph Nelson • 1977 • United States
    Starring Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield, Larry B. Scott

    Based on the young-adult novel by Alice Childress, this heartfelt social-issue drama follows the journey of Benjie (Larry B. Scott), a troubled teen growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Traum...

  • Blue Collar

    Directed by Paul Schrader • 1978 • United States
    Starring Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, Yaphet Kotto

    Paul Schrader’s hard-nosed directorial debut features searing performances by comic great Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, and Yaphet Kotto. Fed up with the indignities of factory work, three disgru...

  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

    Directed by H. C. Potter • 1948 • United States
    Starring Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas

    The comic chemistry of Cary Grant and Myrna Loy propels this subtly sophisticated satire of postwar America’s search for a middle-class utopia. City-slicker advertising executive Jim Blandings (Grant) ...

  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes

    Directed by J. Lee Thompson • 1973 • United States
    Starring Roddy McDowall, Natalie Trundy, Austin Stoker

    The fifth and final installment of the original blockbuster science-fiction series balances exciting action with thought-provoking social commentary. Roddy McDowall returns as Caesar, the si...

  • The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

    Directed by Iryna Tsilyk • 2020 • Ukraine, Lithuania
    Starring Hanna Hladka, Stanislav Hladkyi, Anastasiia Trofymchuk

    Krasnohorivka: a town on the front lines of the war-torn region of Eastern Ukraine. When poet and filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk first visits the Trofymchuk-Gladky family home, she is sur...

  • The Asphalt Jungle

    Directed by John Huston • 1950 • United States
    Starring Sterling Hayden, Louis Calhern, Jean Hagen

    In a smog-choked city somewhere in the American Midwest, an aging criminal mastermind, newly released from prison, hatches a plan for a million-dollar jewel heist and draws a wealthy lawyer and a c...

  • Life Without Dreams

    Directed by Jessica Bardsley • 2022 • United States

    LIFE WITHOUT DREAMS is set in the outer space of consciousness, where the surfaces of far-out planetary bodies form the terrain for an exploration of 24/7 capitalism, insomnia, and the disappearance of darkness due to light pollution.

  • Stamboul Quest

    Directed by Sam Wood • 1934 • United States
    Starring Myrna Loy, George Brent, Lionel Atwill

    Based on the true story of Elsbeth Schragmüller (a.k.a. Fräulein Doktor), this crisp espionage thriller stars an exquisitely costumed Myrna Loy as a notorious, seductive, Mata Hari–esque enemy spy named A...

  • Arabesque

    Directed by Stanley Donen • 1966 • United States
    Starring Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren, Alan Badel

    Following the runaway success of CHARADE, director Stanley Donen brought together another pair of megastars for a similarly swanky, Hitchcockian blend of romance, comedy, and international intrigue. ...

  • The Thin Man

    Directed by W. S. Van Dyke • 1934 • United States
    Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, Maureen O’Sullivan

    Nick and Nora Charles cordially invite you to bring your own alibi to this jaunty, dry-witted whodunit, which made William Powell and Myrna Loy the champagne elite of sleuthing. Bantering in ...

  • The Sand Pebbles

    Directed by Robert Wise • 1966 • United States
    Starring Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna

    Introduction: This film has been programmed as part of the series Hollywood Chinese, a survey on the history of Chinese representation in American cinema, curated by filmmaker Arthur Dong....

  • Charlie’s Country

    Directed by Rolf de Heer • 2013 • Australia
    Starring David Gulpilil, Peter Djigirr, Luke Ford

    Living in a remote Aboriginal community in the northern part of Australia, Charlie (David Gulpilil, who also cowrote the screenplay) is a warrior past his prime. As the government increases its strangle...

  • The Red Pony

    Directed by Lewis Milestone • 1949 • United States
    Starring Myrna Loy, Robert Mitchum, Louis Calhern

    John Steinbeck adapted his own classic novella for this sensitive tale of a young boy (Peter Miles) growing up in California’s Salinas Valley who, under the guidance of a venerable ranch hand (Ro...

  • Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl

    Directed by Joan Chen • 1998 • Hong Kong
    Starring Li Xiaolu, Lopsang, Zheng Qian

    Introduction: This film has been programmed as part of the series Hollywood Chinese, a survey on the history of Chinese representation in American cinema, curated by filmmaker Arthur Dong. He notes: “After her break...

  • We Are the Best!

    Directed by Lukas Moodysson • 2013 • Sweden, Denmark
    Starring Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin, Liv LeMoyne

    Punk is alive and well in this exuberant ode to nonconformity from Swedish auteur Lukas Moodysson. Pixieish, mohawk-sporting Klara (Mira Grosin) and her best friend Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) are ...

  • Rouge

    Directed by Stanley Kwan • 1987 • Hong Kong
    Starring Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Alex Man Chi-leung

    Cantopop superstars Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung display the androgynous magnetism that made them icons as doomed lovers in this emblematic film of Hong Kong’s Second New Wave, directed by pioneering...

  • A House Divided: Denmark Vesey’s Rebellion

    Directed by Stan Lathan • 1982 • United States
    Starring Yaphet Kotto, Ned Beatty, Antonio Fargas

    Yaphet Kotto stars in this dramatic account of the heroic true story of Denmark Vesey, who was born into slavery but bought his freedom, became a carpenter and pastor, and in 1822 planned a daring re...

  • Fran

    Directed by Glenda Hambly • 1985 • Australia
    Starring Noni Hazlehurst, Annie Byron, Alan Fletcher

    Built around a dynamic, sympathetic performance from Noni Hazlehurst, this candid, funny, unflinching portrait of the challenges of single parenthood follows Fran, a fiercely loving but troubled mot...