• Truffaut on the New Hollywood

    The following excerpt from the French television program “Vive le cinéma” shows filmmaker François Truffaut talking about the New Hollywood and its maverick directors, including THE LAST PICTURE SHOW director Peter Bogdanovich. The episode first aired on February 13, 1972, and was directed by And...

  • Truffaut and Rohmer on L’ATALANTE

    This conversation between New Wave directors François Truffaut and Eric Rohmer, titled “Postface à L’ATALANTE,” was presented following a 1968 French television broadcast of the film.

  • François Truffaut on Henri-Pierre Roché

    In this excerpt from the October 12, 1966, French program “Bibliothèque de poche,” director François Truffaut offers his reflections on Henri-Pierre Roché, author of the novel “Jules and Jim.”

  • François Truffaut on JULES AND JIM

    The following interviews with director François Truffaut were conducted at various points throughout his career. In them, he discusses his working methods and the landmark JULES AND JIM.

  • François Truffaut and Claude-Jean Philippe on JULES AND JIM

    On several occasions between 1976 and 1982, Claude-Jean Philippe, host of the French radio series “Le cinéma des cinéastes,” invited François Truffaut to talk about his films. In the following segment, first broadcast on June 29, 1980, Truffaut discusses JULES AND JIM almost twenty years after it...

  • François Truffaut at the AFI

    On February 28, 1979, director François Truffaut conducted a seminar at the American Film Institute. In the following compilation of excerpts from that seminar, Truffaut delivers his responses in French, with translation provided by film scholar Annette Insdorf.

  • François Truffaut and Richard Roud

    This excerpt is from a conversation that aired on the New York arts program “Camera Three” in October 1977, when director François Truffaut was in the U.S. for the New York Film Festival screening of THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN. The conversation, with festival director Richard Roud, marked Truffaut’s...

  • Truffaut on THE SOFT SKIN

    In this excerpt from a December 1965 episode of the French television program “Cinéastes de notre temps,” director François Truffaut talks about the origins of THE SOFT SKIN, shooting its love scenes, and choreographing its finale.

  • François Truffaut and Marie-France Pisier on LOVE ON THE RUN

    The following interview is excerpted from a 1979 episode of the television show “Les Rendez-vous du dimanche” (directed by Rémy Grumbach). Director François Truffaut and actress/cowriter Marie-France Pisier talk to host Michael Drucker about their working styles and their feelings about LOVE ON T...

  • François Truffaut on Antoine Doinel

    In this excerpt from the 1970 TV program “Cinéastes de notre temps: François Truffaut, dix ans, dix films,” director François Truffaut discusses his vision of the Antoine Doinel cycle, and the complex relationship between Doinel and actor Jean-Pierre Léaud.

  • “Cinépanorama”: François Truffaut, 1960

    In this excerpt from the February 20, 1960, episode of “Cinépanorama,” director François Truffaut discusses the global reception of THE 400 BLOWS, which had just been named best foreign film by the New York Film Critics Circle, and undertakes some self-critical evaluation of his work.

  • Monsieur Truffaut Meets Mr. Hitchcock

    Made by film historian Robert Fischer in 1999, this half-hour documentary tells the story behind director François Truffaut’s famous interview book “Hitchcock,” from Truffaut’s presentation of the idea to filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock in 1962 to the book’s publication four years later.

  • Godard & Truffaut vous parlent
    Directed by Jean-Luc Godard...

    Godard & Truffaut vous parlent

    Directed by Jean-Luc Godard - Godard in His Own Words

    This filmed 1968 announcement with filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut was made to appeal for support for Cinémathèque française director Henri Langlois during the “Langlois Affair.”

  • Hitchcock/Truffaut

    In these 1962 audio interview excerpts, illustrated with images and film clips, director Alfred Hitchcock reminisces about THE LADY VANISHES and British cinema with filmmaker François Truffaut. Helen G. Scott serves as translator.

  • Hitchcock-Truffaut: THE 39 STEPS

    In 1962, François Truffaut interviewed Alfred Hitchcock for approximately fifty hours, with the help of his collaborator and translator Helen G. Scott. Those interviews would form the basis of Truffaut’s landmark 1967 book “Hitchcock.” Presented here are excerpts from Truffaut’s original audio re...

  • Introducing My Father, François Truffaut

    Laura Truffaut shares her memories of her legendary filmmaker father in this 2019 piece by Daniel Raim.

  • Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut on THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH

    In 1962, filmmaker François Truffaut interviewed Alfred Hitchcock over the course of approximately fifty hours, with the help of translator Helen G. Scott, resulting in the landmark 1967 book “Hitchcock.” Presented here are excerpts from Truffaut’s audio recordings, in which Hitchcock discusses t...

  • Jean Gruault on François Truffaut

    This interview with JULES AND JIM cowriter Jean Gruault was conducted in April 1986 at the Cinémathèque française in Paris for Rainer Gansera’s documentary WORKING WITH TRUFFAUT. Only a few minutes of it were used in that film, but the Criterion Collection was granted access to the footage and as...

  • Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut on THE LODGER

    In these audio excerpts from a 1962 interview, director Alfred Hitchcock reflects on THE LODGER and British cinema in general with filmmaker François Truffaut. Helen G. Scott is the translator.

  • Cinéastes de notre temps: François Truffaut ou l’esprit critique

    Directed by Jean-Pierre Chartier, “François Truffaut ou l’esprit critique” was an episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps.” In this excerpt from that episode, originally broadcast in 1965, Truffaut reflects on SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER.