Short Films by Fronza Woods

Short Films by Fronza Woods

2 Episodes

Key works of the media-making movement that gave centrality to the voices and experiences of African American women during the late 1970s and early ’80s, these revelatory, newly restored shorts by trailblazing filmmaker Fronza Woods are no less impactful today. In KILLING TIME, Woods offers a wryly humorous reflection on the absurdity of existence via the story of a woman contemplating suicide, while in FANNIE’S FILM, she gives vital expression to the hopes, goals, and inner feelings of a domestic worker.

Preserved by the Academy Film Archive

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Short Films by Fronza Woods
  • Killing Time

    Episode 1

    Directed by Fronza Woods • 1979 • United States
    Starring Fronza Woods

    In this offbeat, wryly humorous look at the dilemma of a suicidal woman unable to find the right outfit to die in, director Fronza Woods examines the personal habits, socialization, and complexities of life that keep us going....

  • Fannie’s Film

    Episode 2

    Directed by Fronza Woods • 1981 • United States
    Starring Fannie Drayton

    A sixty-five-year-old cleaning woman for a professional dancers’ exercise studio performs her job while telling us in voice-over about her life, hopes, goals, and feelings. A challenge to mainstream media’s prevailing stereo...