Split Screen

Split Screen

11 Seasons

Your wild ride through the indie film world—by filmmakers, for everyone. From 1997 to 2001, producer and author John Pierson and his band of cinephiles roved the U.S. seeking pockets of movie madness, for this irreverent sixty-episode series.

Split Screen
  • SPLIT SCREEN: Series Trailer

    Episode 1

  • John Pierson introduces SPLIT SCREEN Season One

    Episode 2

  • Split Screen: S1-E1 Spike Lee, the Real Fargo, Waters Shocks

    Episode 3

    Spike Lee’s first decade; John and Bob the Mailman; HANG YOUR DOG IN THE WIND (movie about making movies); the real Fargo—Brainerd, MN; and the Gruesome Twosome: an encounter with John Waters and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Original airdate 03/10/1997

  • Split Screen: S1-E2 Linklater and Bogosian in NYC, Duct Town

    Episode 4

    Richard Linklater and Eric Bogosian at the New York Film Festival with their film SUBURBIA; Linklater’s first film, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN TO PLOW BY READING BOOKS; and a trip to North Reading, MA—Duct Town. Original airdate 03/10/1997

  • Split Screen: S1-E3 Kevin and CRUMB at the Quick Stop

    Episode 5

    Kevin Smith and John cohost from New Jersey; a visit with CRUMB director Terry Zwigoff at home; the found video DIRECTION MAN; Chris Smith and MAKING NORTHWESTERN with Mark Borchardt. Original airdate 3/17/1997

  • Split Screen: S1-E4 Sundance on the Hudson

    Episode 6

    Bob the Mailman in L.A.; insights from filmmakers at the Cold Spring Film Workshop; Marina Zenovich explores the January film alternatives in Park City, UT, home of the Sun-, Slam-, and Slumdance Festivals. Original airdate 3/24/1997

  • Split Screen: S1-E5 Breakthrough Screenwriting

    Episode 7

    Brian Flemming and Keythe Farley take a weekend “blockbuster” screenwriting course and make a film; Mary Harron and Katherine Dieckmann, both nine months pregnant, discuss their altered state with Guinevere Turner. Original airdate 06/02/1997

  • Split Screen: S1-E6 Projections: Harmony Korine

    Episode 8

    In this installment of Projections, a series of interviews about filmmaking in New York, John speaks one-on-one with Harmony Korine. Original airdate 10/23/2000