Starring Paul Muni

Starring Paul Muni

5 Episodes

In an era when movie stars were often better known for their glamorous images than for their performances, Paul Muni stood out for his almost religious devotion to the art and craft of acting. Honing his skills in the Yiddish theater—where he learned to use makeup to facilitate his remarkable physical transformations—Muni shot to film stardom in 1932 with his electrifying turns in the gangster classic SCARFACE and the hard-hitting prison exposé I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG. Marketed by Warner Bros. as “the screen’s greatest actor,” Muni was given the rare privilege of choosing his roles, an opportunity he used to make a series of acclaimed biographical dramas—including THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR, for which he won the Academy Award for best actor, and THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA—built around his intensely researched, meticulously realized portrayals of men who changed the course of history. Though he worked only sporadically in films throughout the 1940s and ’50s, choosing instead to concentrate on his equally successful stage career, Muni left behind a legacy of quality and integrity that set a new standard for serious screen acting.

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Starring Paul Muni
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    Episode 1

  • I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

    Episode 2

    Directed by Mervyn LeRoy • 1932 • United States
    Starring Paul Muni, Glenda Farrell, Noel Francis

    Paul Muni gives a haunting performance in this brutal, startlingly raw exposé of prison conditions based on the autobiography by Robert Elliott Burns. Wrongly convicted of robbery, would-be architect...

  • Black Fury

    Episode 3

    Directed by Michael Curtiz • 1935 • United States
    Starring Paul Muni, Karen Morley, William Gargan

    In the depths of the Great Depression and at the height of labor unrest in the United States, miner Joe Radek (Paul Muni) gets drunk after his girlfriend leaves him—and, in an irate mood, yells his...

  • The Story of Louis Pasteur

    Episode 4

    Directed by William Dieterle • 1936 • United States
    Starring Paul Muni, Josephine Hutchinson, Anita Louise

    In a desperate, lifelong quest to find cures to two of humankind’s greatest scourges, one man makes revolutionary breakthroughs in science and medicine that will save the lives of millions ...

  • The Life of Emile Zola

    Episode 5

    Directed by William Dieterle • 1937 • United States
    Starring Paul Muni, Gale Sondergaard, Joseph Schildkraut

    The story of one of the world’s greatest writers, a man who proved that one voice can overcome injustice and change the course of a nation, is immortalized in this powerful Academy Award ...