Stories from the Street

Stories from the Street

2 Episodes

Two kids are forced to grow up before their time in these raw, bracingly unsentimental depictions of hardscrabble childhoods forged on the streets. With heartbreaking naturalism, Bulgarian filmmaker Hristo Simeonov’s NINA powerfully depicts the cruelties and small warmths that define a young pickpocket’s life. It’s paired with the Brazilian landmark PIXOTE, Héctor Babenco’s hard-hitting portrait of a runaway boy’s descent into street crime that continues to shock and stun with its electrifying immediacy.

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Stories from the Street
  • Nina
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Directed by Hristo Simeonov • 2019 • Bulgaria
    Starring Plamena Stefanova, Margita Gosheva, Borislav Rusev-Bini

    With heartrending realism, this powerful portrait of a stolen childhood evokes the world of a young pickpocket who receives an unexpected chance to escape her desperate circumstances.

  • Pixote

    Episode 2

    Directed by Héctor Babenco • 1981 • Brazil
    Starring Fernando Ramos da Silva, Jorge Julião, Gilberto Moura

    With its bracing blend of unflinching realism and aching humanity, Héctor Babenco's electrifying look at lost youth fighting to survive on the bottom rung of Brazilian society helped put th...