Three by Robert Siodmak

Three by Robert Siodmak

4 Episodes

Along with fellow European émigrés like Fritz Lang and Billy Wilder, German-born Robert Siodmak was instrumental in importing the expressionist visual style and hard-bitten existentialist sensibility that would define Hollywood film noir, arguably creating more classics of the genre than any other director. His moody, shadow-etched compositions and flair for the fatalistic are on full display in three of his finest: PHANTOM LADY, his dreamlike first noir and a fascinating protofeminist example of the genre; THE KILLERS, a landmark known as the “CITIZEN KANE of noir” for its intricate flashback structure, starring Burt Lancaster in his film debut; and CRISS CROSS, which reunited the director with Lancaster for one of the twistiest and bleakest crime thrillers ever made.

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Three by Robert Siodmak
  • Three by Robert Siodmak Teaser

    Episode 1

  • Phantom Lady

    Episode 2

    Directed by Robert Siodmak • 1944 • United States
    Starring Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, Alan Curtis

    The first of the celebrated noirs made by genre master Robert Siodmak puts an intriguing, protofeminist spin on the hard-boiled detective genre. Based on a novel by pulp existentialist Cornell Wool...

  • The Killers

    Episode 3

    Directed by Robert Siodmak • 1946 • United States
    Starring Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner, Edmond O’Brien

    Ernest Hemingway’s gripping short story “The Killers” has fascinated readers and filmmakers for generations. Its first screen incarnation came in 1946, when director Robert Siodmak unleashed TH...

  • Criss Cross

    Episode 4

    Directed by Robert Siodmak • 1949 • United States
    Starring Burt Lancaster, Yvonne de Carlo, Dan Duryea

    Three years after his star-making debut in Robert Siodmak’s noir classic THE KILLERS, Burt Lancaster reunited with the director for this twist-laden tale of doomed passion and betrayal. He star...