Three by Stephen Cone

Three by Stephen Cone

4 Episodes

A self-taught filmmaker who has quietly garnered a reputation as one of American independent cinema’s most thoughtful and compassionate artists, Stephen Cone is a true actor’s director, working intimately with a cast of regulars to tell naturalistic, deeply human stories about coming of age, coming out, and the intricacies of modern-day religion. First coming to attention with THE WISE KIDS, a remarkably nuanced portrait of Bible Belt teenagers dealing with issues of faith and sexuality, Cone has continued to explore themes of adolescent discovery and turmoil in sensitively observed works like HENRY GAMBLE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY and PRINCESS CYD. Triumphs of subtle, empathetic storytelling, Cone’s unjustly under-the-radar films exude an easy, understated grace even as they grapple with some of life’s most complex questions.

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Three by Stephen Cone
  • Stephen Cone Interview

    Episode 1

    This interview with filmmaker Stephen Cone was recorded in 2020.

  • The Wise Kids

    Episode 2

    Directed by Stephen Cone • 2011 • United States
    Starring Molly Kunz, Tyler Ross, Allison Torem

    Stephen Cone established himself as one of American independent cinema’s most sensitive and perceptive voices with his critical breakthrough, a radiantly empathetic look at coming of age in the Bible B...

  • Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

    Episode 3

    Directed by Stephen Cone • 2015 • United States
    Starring Cole Doman, Joe Keery, Elizabeth Laidlaw

    One of contemporary cinema’s most sensitive coming-out films, Stephen Cone’s follow-up to his acclaimed breakout feature THE WISE KIDS unfolds over the course of one very eventful day in the life of...

  • Princess Cyd

    Episode 4

    Directed by Stephen Cone • 2017 • United States
    Starring Jessie Pinnick, Rebecca Spence, Malic White

    This luminous coming-of-age journey follows sixteen-year-old athlete Cyd (Jessie Pinnick) as she heads to Chicago to spend a languorous summer with her novelist aunt (Rebecca Spence). Eager to es...