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UGETSU Commentary

Ugetsu • 1h 37m

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  • Masahiro Shinoda on UGETSU

    The director of such classics as PALE FLOWER (1964), SAMURAI SPY (1965), and DOUBLE SUICIDE (1969), Masahiro Shinoda considers Kenji Mizoguchi’s UGETSU one of cinema’s crowning achievements. This interview with Shinoda took place in Tokyo in May 2005.

  • Tokuzo Tanaka on UGETSU

    The first assistant director on UGETSU, Tokuzo Tanaka would later go on to direct several episodes of the famous ZATOICHI film series, starring Shintaro Katsu. He was interviewed in Tokyo, in May 2005, about his work with director Kenji Mizoguchi.

  • Kazuo Miyagawa on UGETSU

    One of cinematography’s finest talents, Kazuo Miyagawa shot many of Japan’s most celebrated films, including Akira Kurosawa’s RASHOMON; Kenji Mizoguchi’s UGETSU, SANSHO THE BAILIFF, and STREET OF SHAME; and Yasujiro Ozu’s FLOATING WEEDS. This interview was recorded in 1992 for the Criterion laser...