Under the Volcanoes

Under the Volcanoes

2 Episodes

The elemental power of nature is on dramatic display in a breathtaking documentary and a neorealist landmark, both set amid the volcanic islands off the coast of Sicily. Directed by documentary poet Vittorio De Seta, ISLANDS OF FIRE captures the before, during, and after of a volcanic eruption on the island of Stromboli in images of almost mythic beauty. It sets the stage for Roberto Rossellini’s STROMBOLI, the first of the director’s revelatory, scandal-inciting collaborations with star Ingrid Bergman, which casts the actor as a Lithuanian refugee undergoing an existential crisis against the striking and forbidding backdrop of the eponymous volcanic island.

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Under the Volcanoes
  • Islands of Fire

    Episode 1

    Directed by Vittorio De Seta • 1954 • Italy

    This prize-winning short is a poetic portrait of life on the coast of Sicily before, during, and following a volcanic eruption.

  • Stromboli

    Episode 2

    Directed by Roberto Rossellini • 1950 • Italy, United States
    Starring Ingrid Bergman, Mario Vitale

    The first collaboration between Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman is a devastating portrait of a woman’s existential crisis, set against the beautiful and forbidding backdrop of a volcanic isla...