Who Will Start Another Fire

Who Will Start Another Fire

9 Episodes

Dedza Films is a new distribution initiative that aims to champion filmmakers from underrepresented communities around the world, beginning with WHO WILL START ANOTHER FIRE, a collection of nine revelatory shorts by emerging filmmakers from Israel, Nigeria, the Philippines, Uganda, and the United States. From child’s-eye portraits of Nigerian (FAMILY TREE) and Chinese American (LIKE FLYING) girlhood to complex explorations of Black masculinity (NOT BLACK ENOUGH) and gentrification (THE LIGHTS ARE ON, NO ONE’S HOME), these eclectic works touch on questions of politics, history, memory, and culture through innovative storytelling and profound personal insight.

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Who Will Start Another Fire
  • Slip
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Directed by Nicole Otero • 2019 • United States
    Starring Tei Shi, Myron Donley, Vincent Ticali

    A solitary woman wanders a noirish urban nightscape. Her journey across a mostly vacant city, obscured by darkness, cascades in space and time, away from one feeling and in search of another.

  • Troublemaker

    Episode 2

    Directed by Olive Nwosu • 2019 • Nigeria
    Starring Chidera Chidiume, Ebube Ndubisi, Ukamaka Ekwenze

    A bored, mischievous young boy stirs up trouble in his small Nigerian town—and discovers that his actions have consequences and that there are still things he cannot understand.

  • By Way of Canarsie

    Episode 3

    Directed by Emily Packer and Lesley Steele • 2020 • United States

    A wandering portrait of an oft-neglected shoreline community, BY WAY OF CANARSIE imagines possible futures at odds with a peaceful present. Through brief encounters, observational mise-en-scène, and expressive use of analog film, ...

  • Family Tree

    Episode 4

    Directed by Nicole Amani Magabo Kiggundu • 2020 • Uganda
    Starring Cloe Kabuye, Esther Tebandeke, Oyenbot

    A tragic twist of fate shatters an eight-year-old Ugandan girl’s idealized image of the family she thought she knew.

  • Like Flying

    Episode 5

    Directed by Peier Tracy Shen • 2020 • United States
    Starring Chedi Chang, Zita Bai, Grace Chang, Gary Liu

    A young Chinese American girl’s carefree innocence collides with the harsh reality of her parents’ broken relationship.

  • Not Black Enough

    Episode 6

    Directed by Jermaine Manigault • 2020 • United States
    Starring Patrick Decile, Corey Knight, Felipe Galganni

    A young African American man struggling to find his place within his community confronts the often-rigid definitions of Black masculinity.

  • Polygraph

    Episode 7

    Directed by Samira Saraya • 2020 • Israel
    Starring Samira Saraya, Hadas Yaron, Fidaa Zidan

    Yasmine, an openly lesbian Arab nurse living in Tel Aviv, finds out that her lover, an intelligence officer in the Israeli army, has been reporting on their relationship. Their affair is further strained b...

  • The Rose of Manila

    Episode 8

    Directed by Alex Westfall • 2020 • Philippines
    Starring Polly Cabrera, Carlon Josol, Andie Ong

    As one half of the dictatorial regime that ruled the Philippines, Imelda Marcos would become infamous for embezzling billions from the country to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. In this imagining of...

  • The Lights Are On, No One’s Home

    Episode 9

    Directed by Faye Ruiz • 2021 • United States
    Starring Faye Ruiz, Adriana Acedo-Campillo, Grisel Wilson

    Mar, a young trans woman, returns to her childhood home. Finding a neighborhood she once knew intimately drastically altered by gentrification, she is forced to reckon with a place that has see...