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Watch this video and more on Criterion Channel

Monstrous Origins: Taurus Test Footage

Equinox – 1m 57s

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    In this interview, director Dennis Muren recalls his childhood fascination with effects photography, his amateur filmmaking experiences, and the collaborations and technical achievements that have led to his status as one of cinema’s foremost visual effects artists.

  • EQUINOX Cast Interview

    This interview features actors Frank Bonner (a.k.a. Frank Boers Jr.), Barbara Laughray (formely Hewitt), and James Duron (who played the Green Giant) discussing their roles in the two versions of EQUINOX and their reactions to the film today.

  • David Allen Appreciation: THE MAGIC T...

    EQUINOX’s effects animator, David Allen, was a revered figure within the effects and stop-motion animation community until his untimely death, in 1999. Presented here is piece of his best and rarest work: a puppet-animated fairy tale called THE MAGIC TREASURE.