The Funeral

The Funeral

Directed by Juzo Itami • 1984 • Japan

When Wabisuke's father-in-law unexpectedly dies, the family goes through a series of random events and occurrences as the funeral unfolds over three days in their home.

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The Funeral
  • The Funeral

    Directed by Juzo Itami • 1984 • Japan
    Starring Nobuko Miyamoto, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Chishu Ryu

    It’s death, Japanese style, in the rollicking and wistful first feature from maverick writer-director Juzo Itami. In the wake of her father’s sudden passing, a successful actor (Itami’s wife and frequent...


  • Manpei Ikeuchi on THE FUNERAL

    In this interview, shot in Tokyo in 2022, Manpei Ikeuchi talks about appearing in THE FUNERAL and the creative life of his parents, Juzo Itami and Nobuko Miyamoto.

  • Nobuko Miyamoto on THE FUNERAL

    In this interview, filmed in Tokyo in 2022, actor Nobuko Miyamoto discusses the making of THE FUNERAL; the evolution of her husband, Juzo Itami, as a filmmaker; and their extraordinary collaboration.

  • Creative Marriages: Juzo Itami & Nobuko Miyamoto

    This director-actor duo collaborated on a string of genre-bending films anchored by fiercely independent women.

  • Ichiroku Tart Commercials

    This selection is drawn from more than seventy commercials that Juzo Itami directed between 1980 and 1996 for Ichiroku Tart, a company headed by Yasushi Tamaoki. Tamaoki provided critical funding for THE FUNERAL and Itami’s subsequent films. After Itami’s death, Tamaoki established the Itami Juzo...

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