Women Filmmakers

Women Filmmakers

Women Filmmakers
  • Down a Dark Stairwell


    Directed by Ursula Liang • 2020 • United States

    When a Chinese American police officer kills Akai Gurley, an unarmed Black man, in a darkened stairwell of a New York City housing project, it sets off a firestorm of emotion and calls for accountability. When he becomes the first NYPD officer conv...

  • Le navire Night
    Movie + 1 extra

    Le navire Night

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Marguerite Duras • 1979 • France
    Starring Bulle Ogier, Dominique Sanda, Mathieu Carrière

    With LE NAVIRE NIGHT, writer and filmmaker Marguerite Duras explores the matrix of love, desire, and language in her characteristically oblique and experimental style. The film’s lovers—played by...

  • Documentaries by Christine Choy

    1 season

    An electrifying activist spirit runs through the work of Chinese American documentarian Christine Choy, an Oscar nominee who has been using her camera to shed light on hidden social histories and injustices for nearly fifty years. Whether tracing the evolution of Chinese American labor organizing...

  • Short Films by Mira Nair

    1 season

    Hailed for her vibrant explorations of culture clash and connection in films like MONSOON WEDDING and MISSISSIPPI MASALA, Indian American auteur Mira Nair has pursued an equally distinguished career as a director of short films that further explore the ways in which deep-rooted cultural tradition...

  • Adam



    Directed by Maryam Touzani • 2019 • Morocco, France
    Starring Lubna Azabal, Nisrin Erradi, Douae Belkhaouda

    Two women at an emotional crossroads are brought together by fate—and by the eternal comforts of food and music—in Moroccan filmmaker Maryam Touzani’s feature debut, a gracefully understate...

  • Fresh Kill


    Directed by Shu Lea Cheang • 1994 • United States
    Starring Sarita Choudhury, Erin McMurtry, Abraham Lim

    Taiwanese-born new-media visionary Shu Lea Cheang directs this avant-anarcho ecosatire, in which a lesbian couple living on Staten Island find themselves ensnared in a vast conspiracy involvin...

  • Saving Face


    Directed by Alice Wu • 2004 • United States
    Starring Michelle Krusiec, Joan Chen, Lynn Chen

    A Chinese American lesbian (Michelle Krusiec) living in New York finds her love life severely cramped when her widowed, unexpectedly pregnant mother is forced to move in with her. Boasting a scene-stealin...

  • Two Films by Anne Fontaine

    1 season

    One of contemporary French cinema’s most prolific directors, Luxembourg-born Anne Fontaine has moved easily between serious-minded dramas and frothy comedies for nearly three decades, with psychologically complex characters a constant in whatever genre she happens to be working in. The two sides ...

  • Directed by Naomi Kawase

    1 season

    Building from an early start in nonfiction filmmaking, Naomi Kawase has developed a lyrical, quietly affecting body of work over the past three decades, exploring Japanese family structures and cultural values through a profoundly empathetic lens. Describing her narrative works as “fiction with a...

  • The Chambermaid


    Directed by Lila Avilés • 2018 • Mexico, United States
    Starring Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sánchez, Agustina Quinci

    In her masterful feature debut, theater director Lila Avilés turns the monotonous workday of Eve (Gabriela Cartol), a chambermaid at a high-end Mexico City hotel, into a beautifully o...

  • Danzón


    Directed by María Novaro • 1991 • Mexico, Spain
    Starring María Rojo, Carmen Salinas, Tito Vasconcelos

    The slow, sensuous ballroom-style dance known as the danzón is at the heart of María Novaro’s luminous tale of a woman’s awakening, a key work of nineties Mexican cinema that became the country’...

  • Boys Don’t Cry


    Directed by Kimberly Peirce • 1999 • United States
    Starring Hilary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard

    Kimberly Peirce’s dramatization of the tragic true story of Brandon Teena—a young trans man living in rural Nebraska who was murdered in a vicious hate crime—brought the 1990s New Queer Cinem...

  • Three Films by Nouchka van Brakel

    1 season

    An unsung feminist trailblazer, Nouchka van Brakel made some of the most subversive and fearlessly compassionate Dutch films of the 1970s and ’80s. Each dealing with resilient women who defy the pressures of a patriarchal society in their quests for self-actualization, these newly restored films—...

  • Directed by Larisa Shepitko

    1 season

    Though her name is now unjustly obscure, Larisa Shepitko was one of the boldest, most renowned filmmakers of the Soviet era. In her tragically short career, the Ukrainian-born auteur left behind only a handful of films—including the psychologically charged feminist character study WINGS and the s...

  • The Metamorphosis of Birds


    Directed by Catarina Vasconcelos • 2020 • Portugal

    An extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating documentary that has the feel of a precious heirloom, this impressionistic and emotionally rich film finds Portuguese director Catarina Vasconcelos sifting through the memories and dreams of her ances...

  • What About Me


    Directed by Rachel Amodeo • 1993 • United States
    Starring Rachel Amodeo, Richard Edson, Nick Zedd

    Rachel Amodeo wrote, produced, directed, and stars in this grimily poetic time capsule of life on the margins of a pregentrification East Village. She plays Lisa, a young woman on a downward slide w...

  • What We Left Unfinished


    Directed by Mariam Ghani • 2019 • Afghanistan, Qatar, United States
    Starring Latif Ahmadi, Said Miran Farhad, Juwansher Haidary

    Utterly unique in film history, Mariam Ghani’s archival marvel is a probing and engrossing case study in censorship, authoritarianism, and political art. Thirty years a...

  • Short Films by Sophy Romvari

    1 season

    Toronto-based filmmaker Sophy Romvari’s intimate, essayistic shorts muse on family, grief, femininity, and humans’ relationships with animals, often with exquisitely touching vulnerability. Deeply personal—she frequently appears in her own films and incorporates her own family’s history and photo...

  • Eve’s Bayou


    Directed by Kasi Lemmons • 1997 • United States
    Starring Jurnee Smollett, Meagan Good, Samuel L. Jackson

    Kasi Lemmons delivered one of the most distinctive directorial debuts of the 1990s with this richly atmospheric southern-gothic stew of sex, lies, and voodoo. Awash in Creole folklore, magic,...

  • Hive
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Blerta Basholli • 2021 • Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia
    Starring Yllka Gashi, Çun Lajçi, Aurita Agushi

    This Sundance award winner—the first film in the festival’s history to receive the Grand Jury Prize, the Audience Award, and the Directing Award—is a searing portrait of loss and ...

  • Karaoke Girl


    Directed by Visra Vichit-Vadakan • 2013 • Thailand
    Starring Sa Sittijun, Supavitch Mepremwattana, Nang Sittijun

    Artfully blending fiction and reality, KARAOKE GIRL follows Sa, a young country girl working as an escort in Bangkok to support her family back home. Sent to work in a factory in the c...

  • A Different Image


    Directed by Alile Sharon Larkin • 1982 • United States

    In this poetic, groundbreaking work from LA Rebellion trailblazer Alile Sharon Larkin, Alana (Margot Saxton-Federella), a Black art student, sets out to reclaim her body image and self-worth from Western, patriarchal beauty standards and, in...

  • The Fever
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Fever

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Maya Da-Rin • 2019 • Brazil, France
    Starring Regis Myrupu, Rosa Peixoto, Johnatan Sodré

    This spellbinding narrative feature debut from Maya Da-Rin is an entrancing, enigmatic meditation on the material, spiritual, and dream lives of Brazil’s Indigenous people. Justino (Regis Myrupu, ...

  • Directed by Desiree Akhavan

    1 season

    Iranian American writer-director-actor Desiree Akhavan has been hailed for her bold depictions of female sexuality and queer identity, both in her two feature films and in her acclaimed television series “The Bisexual.” Brash yet empathetic, Akhavan explores the journey of a young queer woman who...