Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures
  • Michel Ciment and Georges Perec on AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON

    In these short excerpts from the November 26, 1978, episode of “Ciné regards,” critic Michel Ciment and writer Georges Perec look at the ways Yasujiro Ozu’s filmmaking style changed over the course of his career. They focus in particular on his AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON (a.k.a. THE TASTE OF SAKE).

  • Split Screen: S5-E2 Todd Haynes’s Goldmine

    Haynes and his longtime producer Christine Vachon cuddle up in Cannes; NEA public funding at the local level; an unusual outdoor screening on a hillside; a film festival sponsored by Dockers®. Original airdate 08/31/1998

  • Prix Jean Vigo: Ousmane Sembène

    This excerpt from a March 22, 1966, broadcast of the French television program “JT de 20h” features an appearance by director Ousmane Sembène after BLACK GIRL was awarded the Prix Jean Vigo.

  • Cinéma cinémas: Wim Wenders Hollywood April ’84

    This April 2, 1984, episode of the French television program “Cinéma cinémas,” “Wim Wenders Hollywood April ’84,” features the director and composer Ry Cooder working on the score for PARIS, TEXAS.

  • Dick Cavett Interviews Alfred Hitchcock, 1972

    This interview with director Alfred Hitchcock on “The Dick Cavett Show” was originally broadcast on June 8, 1972.

  • Robert Bresson, 1966 Television Profile

    Journalist Roger Stéphane presents this May 11, 1966, episode of the series “Pour le plaisir,” which is devoted to AU HASARD BALTHAZAR. In it, he interviews director Robert Bresson; filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard, Louis Malle, and François Riechenbach; novelist Marguerite Duras; and members of the fi...

  • Peter Bogdanovich on THE LADY EVE

    The following is an introduction by filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich to THE LADY EVE, recorded in 2001.

  • L’ARGENT Cannes Press Conference

    The following half-hour press conference for L’ARGENT, featuring director Robert Bresson and his cast, was filmed during the Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 1983.

  • A Recollection . . . Hanging Rock 1900

    This 1975 on-set documentary by PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK executive producer Patricia Lovell features interviews with source novel author Joan Lindsay, director Peter Weir, and cast members Rachel Roberts and Dominic Guard.

  • A Walk with Kiarostami

    Iranian film professor Jamsheed Akrami made this portrait of Abbas Kiarostami over the course of two days at the 2001 Galway Film Festival in Ireland. Shown first on a ferry and then on a nature photography walk, an unusually candid Kiarostami reflects on images, nature, water, film composition, ...

  • Terence Davies, 1992

    In this 1992 episode of the British television series “The South Bank Show,” THE LONG DAY CLOSES director Terence Davies discusses growing up in Liverpool, his love for Hollywood musicals, and the evolution of his cinematic style. It also features on-set footage and interviews with actor Leigh Mc...

  • SPLIT SCREEN: Errol Morris

    This clip is excerpted from SPLIT SCREEN Season 2, Episode 2. Original airdate 08/15/1997.

  • Fear on Film

    In 1982, while working at Universal Studios as a publicity and marketing specialist for horror and science-fiction films, Mick Garris produced and hosted this twenty-six-minute roundtable discussion with VIDEODROME director David Cronenberg and filmmakers John Landis and John Carpenter. All three...

  • Roberto Rossellini on STROMBOLI

    The following introduction by director Roberto Rossellini was shot for “Roberto Rossellini Presents,” a 1963 French television series that broadcast his films. It was directed by Jean-Marie Coldefy.

  • Innocence and Experience

    This short documentary on the making of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE was produced and directed by Laura Davis and originally aired on HBO in 1993. The program features director Martin Scorsese; producer Barbara De Fina; coscreenwriter Jay Cocks; cinematographer Michael Ballhaus; editor Thelma Schoonmaker...

  • John Mills on TUNES OF GLORY

    In April 2002, actor John Mills granted a brief audio interview about TUNES OF GLORY, which was conducted by documentary filmmaker Nigel Alger. The conversation was recorded at Mill's home in England.

  • Split Screen: S9-E3 Scorsese, Imperioli, and Ventimiglia

    Waiting for Marty: Scorsese accepts an award at the Wexner Center in Ohio; catching up with Michael Imperioli and John Ventimiglia during a break from THE SOPRANOS; CASABLANCA: New and Improved: Brian Flemming and marketing wizard Keythe Farley market test CASABLANCA. Original airdate 09/20/99

  • Split Screen: S1-E2 Linklater and Bogosian in NYC, Duct Town

    Richard Linklater and Eric Bogosian at the New York Film Festival with their film SUBURBIA; Linklater’s first film, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN TO PLOW BY READING BOOKS; and a trip to North Reading, MA—Duct Town. Original airdate 03/10/1997

  • Varda Commercials: Tupperware

    Presented here is a commercial shot by VARDA BY AGNÈS filmmaker Agnès Varda.

  • Albert Finney on TOM JONES

    In the following brief excerpt from a 1982 episode of “The Dick Cavett Show,” actor Albert Finney discusses his role in TOM JONES and the film’s infamous eating scene.

  • Wim Wenders in Tokyo

    This 1990 Japanese film follows director Wim Wenders and Sean Naughton, the high-definition-video designer on UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, in Tokyo, and details the creation of the film’s groundbreaking high-definition sequences.

  • “Cinépanorama”: Alain Delon, 1962

    This interview with actor Alain Delon, conducted and directed by François Chalais, first aired on the French television program “Cinépanorama” on November 24, 1962. Delon discusses working with director René Clément, with whom he would make four films: PURPLE NOON (1960), THE JOY OF LIVING (1961)...

  • Jean-Luc Godard on the Set of MASCULIN FÉMININ

    MASCULIN FÉMININ was a coproduction of director Jean-Luc Godard’s Anouchka Films and the Swedish firm Sandrews Films. The “film within the film,” said by many to be a parody of Ingmar Bergman’s THE SILENCE (1963), was shot by Godard in Sweden. In this archival footage, a Swedish television crew v...

  • Bo and Nina Widerberg on RAVEN’S END

    In this 1963 interview for the Swedish television program “Filmkrönikan,” director Bo Widerberg and his daughter Nina discuss RAVEN’S END.