Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures
  • Kino ’84: Jim Jarmusch

    Martina Muller’s documentary KINO ’84: JIM JARMUSCH, produced by West German television station WDR, aired in 1984. Muller visited director Jim Jarmusch and interviewed actor Chris Parker, as well as STRANGER THAN PARADISE’s director of photography, Tom DiCillo; producer, Sara Driver; and actors ...

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Samuel Fuller

    This interview with director Samuel Fuller was excerpted from a 1967 episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps.”

  • Bibi Andersson, Ingmar Bergman, and Liv Ullmann on PERSONA

    In the following excerpt from an interview originally recorded for Swedish television in 1966, PERSONA’s director and lead actors discuss the evolution of the film and their individual interpretations of it.

  • Billy, How Did You Do It?

    1 season

    This three-part documentary about filmmaker Billy Wilder was directed by Volker Schlöndorff with Gisela Grischow and first aired on the BBC in 1992.

  • Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, and co. on LA PISCINE

    LA PISCINE was one of the biggest art-house and commercial successes of 1969, due in part to the on-screen reunion of the former lovers Alain Delon and Romy Schneider. This selection of archival production and promotional footage features Delon, Schneider, actors Jane Birkin and Maurice Ronet, an...

  • I Am Wanda

    Directed by Katja Raganelli • 1980 • United States
    Starring Barbara Loden

    This documentary by Katja Raganelli, filmed in 1980, features an interview with WANDA director Barbara Loden and brief interviews with cinematographer Nicholas T. Proferes and acting teacher Paul Mann.

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Jean-Pierre Melville

    The following are excerpts from “Jean-Pierre Melville (portrait en 9 poses),” the July 16, 1971, episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps,” directed by André S. Labarthe.

  • Patricia Highsmith, 1971

    This interview with PURPLE NOON writer Patricia Highsmith, conducted by Agnès Thierre and Pierre Lambert and directed by Lambert, first aired on the French television program “Variances” on August 3, 1971.

  • DO THE RIGHT THING at Cannes

    After the world premiere of DO THE RIGHT THING at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, the following forty-minute press conference was held. The footage features director Spike Lee and cast members Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Joie Lee, and Richard Edson.

  • Dick Cavett Interviews Alfred Hitchcock, 1972

    This interview with director Alfred Hitchcock on “The Dick Cavett Show” was originally broadcast on June 8, 1972.

  • FANTASTIC PLANET Animator Roland Topor

    Roger Boussinot directed this episode of the French television show “Italiques,” which features an overview of the art and career of FANTASTIC PLANET illustrator Roland Topor. It aired on August 8, 1974.

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: John Cassavetes

    This 1968 episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps” features two interviews with director John Cassavetes: one conducted in Hollywood in 1965, during the making of FACES, and the other in Paris in 1968, after a screening of the film.

  • Ingrid Bergman’s Home Movies

    Director Stig Björkman drew from these six minutes of 8 mm footage, shot by Ingrid Bergman in the 1930s and given to the filmmaker by Bergman’s daughter Pia Lindström, for INGRID BERGMAN: IN HER OWN WORDS

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Luis Buñuel

    On April 4, 1964, the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps” presented an episode on filmmaker Luis Buñuel, directed by Robert Valey and produced by Jeanine Bazin and André S. Labarthe. The following are edited excerpts.

  • The World of Kazuo Miyagawa

    Renowned cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa collaborated with a number of great Japanese filmmakers, including Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi, Kon Ichikawa, and Yasujiro Ozu. The following excerpts from the Japanese television documentary THE WORLD OF KAZUO MIYAGAWA explore Miyagawa and Kurosawa’s w...

  • Ennio Morricone, 1980

    In this 1980 interview, conducted by Joaquín Soler Serrano for the Spanish television program “A fondo,” composer Ennio Morricone discuses his career in scoring films.

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Fritz Lang and Jean-Luc Godard

    This conversation between CONTEMPT director Jean-Luc Godard and filmmaker Fritz Lang was released in 1967. It was part of the “Cinéastes de notre temps” series produced by André S. Labarthe.

  • Jackie Chan Meets “Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show”

    This September 22, 1989, episode of “Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show,” hosted by Jonathan Ross, profiles actor-director Jackie Chan and includes interviews with Jackie Chan and actor Maggie Cheung.

  • THE TIN DRUM at Cannes

    This segment from the French television program “Cine regards: Bilan du festival de Cannes” follows actor David Bennent and director Volker Schlöndorff at the Cannes Film Festival as they appear with THE TIN DRUM. Directed by Pierre André Boutang and Philippe Collin, it was originally broadcast o...

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Jean Renoir

    The following January 18, 1967, television program, one of three episodes of “Cinéastes de notre temps” devoted to Jean Renoir and directed by Jacques Rivette, looks at the beginning of Renoir’s career and features the director in conversation with TONI actor Charles Blavette.

  • Anna Karina, 1962

    This interview with actor Anna Karina first aired on the French television program “Cinépanorama” on April 7, 1962, a few months before the release of VIVRE SA VIE.

  • Charlie Chaplin Directs CITY LIGHTS

    The following eight minutes of footage were captured by Charlie Chaplin’s friend Ralph Barton. We see the director orchestrate a scene that reveals the flower girl’s blindness and establishes her belief that the Tramp is a wealthy man. It is presented here with audio commentary by Chaplin histori...

  • Shelagh Delaney on A TASTE OF HONEY

    In this interview excerpt, playwright Shelagh Delaney discusses growing up in Salford, England, and writing her hit play “A Taste of Honey” at the age of eighteen. The interview aired in 1960 on the television series “Close-Up.”

  • Agnès Varda on the Set of LES CRÉATURES

    A French television crew followed Agnès Varda in 1965 as she filmed pickup shots for LES CRÉATURES with actor Michel Piccoli at her home on the rue Daguerre and supervised the music composition and postproduction processes for the film.