Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures

Archival Treasures
  • Lorraine Hansberry on A RAISIN IN THE SUN

    When Lorraine Hansberry’s play A RAISIN IN THE SUN opened in New York in March 1959, its author became the first African American female playwright to have a production on Broadway. The play went on to be named the best of the year by the New York Drama Critics’ Circle. In the following illustrat...

  • W. R. Burnett on HIGH SIERRA

    The following video essay, created in 2021, is part of an oral history of author W. R. Burnett by writer Dennis L. White for the American Film Institute. It was recorded in Marina Del Rey, California, in March 1976.

  • Remembering Jean Gabin

    Presented here are excerpts from Creative Arts Television’s 1978 documentary REMEMBERING JEAN GABIN. Originally broadcast on the television program “Camera Three,” these clips feature filmmaking colleagues discussing the legendary actor and the impact of his role as Pépé in PÉPÉ LE MOKO.

  • Alan J. Pakula on THE PARALLAX VIEW

    In the following interview, recorded by the American Film Institute in 1995, director Alan J. Pakula reflects on how THE PARALLAX VIEW conveyed the anxieties of the early seventies.

  • Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson on THE LAST WALTZ

    This 1978 interview with director Martin Scorsese and musician Robbie Robertson was originally broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s “90 Minutes Live” on April 14, 1978.

  • BOAT PEOPLE at Cannes

    Although it was a domestic critical and box-office success and has since come to be regarded as a preeminent example of the Hong Kong New Wave, BOAT PEOPLE was initially given a mixed critical reception abroad. Its international premiere at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival was fraught with controver...

  • Dick Cavett Interviews Walter Matthau, 1980

    Walter Matthau visited “The Dick Cavett Show” on April 21, 1980, to promote his film LITTLE MISS MARKER. In this excerpt from that appearance, the actor shares anecdotes from his career in theater and film.

  • Autour de JEANNE DIELMAN

    This documentary, shot by Sami Frey and edited by Agnès Ravez and Chantal Akerman, was made during the shooting of JEANNE DIELMAN and looks at the on-set relationship between Akerman, Delphine Seyrig, and the crew.

  • Pier Paolo Pasolini on TEOREMA

    In this brief interview, first broadcast on February 8, 1969, director Pier Paolo Pasolini responds to questions from journalist Cécile Philippe about his film TEOREMA.

  • David Lean: A Self Portrait

    An intimate look at the career of David Lean, this 1971 documentary by Thomas Craven features an extensive interview with the director, who discusses his work and his approach to filmmaking.

  • Jacques Tati, 1978

    In this 1978 episode of the French television show “Ciné regards,” Jacques Tati watches clips from his Monsieur Hulot films and talks about his role as both filmmaker and performer.

  • Toshiro Mifune, 1981

    In this rare interview, actor Toshiro Mifune shares stories about his life and acting career with popular Japanese TV talk-show host Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. The interview was recorded in 1981 for her show “Tetsuko no heya” (“Tetsuko’s Room”).

  • Jean Renoir on GRAND ILLUSION

    In this rare theatrical trailer, director Jean Renoir discusses GRAND ILLUSION and his personal war experiences.

  • Melvin Van Peebles on THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS

    This August 14, 1968, episode of the television program “Black Journal” features an interview with director Melvin Van Peebles, who was promoting the U.S. release of his first feature film, THE STORY OF A THREE DAY PASS.

  • Dorothy Arzner: Longing for Women

    By the time director Katja Raganelli arrived in California to make a film about Dorothy Arzner in 1980, Arzner had passed away in a car accident. Nonetheless, Raganelli visited Arzner’s desert home and retraced the pioneering filmmaker’s career in LONGING FOR WOMEN, using Arzner’s trove of photog...

  • BREATHLESS: Archival Interviews

    Presented here are excerpts from interviews with director Jean-Luc Godard, actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, and filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, recorded for French television between 1960 and 1964.

  • Lotte Reiniger: Homage to the Inventor of the Silhouette Film

    This 1999 German documentary by Katja Raganelli chronciles the life and work of animator Lotte Reiniger.

  • Roberto Rossellini on JOURNEY TO ITALY

    The following introduction by director Roberto Rossellini was shot for “Roberto Rossellini Presents,” a 1963 French television series that broadcast his films. It was directed by Jean-Marie Coldefy.

  • That’s Life: Vittorio De Sica

    This documentary, made for Italian television in 2001 by Sandro Lai, offers an overview of director Vittorio De Sica’s career. It features behind-the-scenes footage from many of his films, as well as a conversation between De Sica and his longtime writing partner Cesare Zavattini.

  • Paparazzi

    Filmed concurrently with CONTEMPT, Jacques Rozier’s film follows the day-to-day conflicts between an enemy—the paparazzi and their invasive cameras—and its prey, Brigitte Bardot.

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Samuel Fuller

    This interview with director Samuel Fuller was excerpted from a 1967 episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps.”

  • Bibi Andersson, Ingmar Bergman, and Liv Ullmann on PERSONA

    In the following excerpt from an interview originally recorded for Swedish television in 1966, PERSONA’s director and lead actors discuss the evolution of the film and their individual interpretations of it.

  • “Cinéastes de notre temps”: Jean-Pierre Melville

    The following are excerpts from “Jean-Pierre Melville (portrait en 9 poses),” the July 16, 1971, episode of the French television series “Cinéastes de notre temps,” directed by André S. Labarthe.

  • Dick Cavett Interviews Alfred Hitchcock, 1972

    This interview with director Alfred Hitchcock on “The Dick Cavett Show” was originally broadcast on June 8, 1972.