Directed by David Lynch

Directed by David Lynch

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A director of such distinctive, overpowering vision that he has inspired his own adjective, David Lynch makes films that seem telegraphed straight from his unconscious to the screen. From his early short works—which already display the unsettling surrealist imagery he would unleash in full force in his midnight-movie classic ERASERHEAD—to the harrowing suburban nightmare TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, Lynch’s labyrinthine puzzle-boxes turn the American psyche inside out to reveal its deepest, darkest fears and desires.

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Directed by David Lynch
  • David Lynch on SIX MEN GETTING SICK

    Episode 1

  • David Lynch and Frederick Elmes on ERASERHEAD

    Episode 2

    This interview with director David Lynch and cinematographer Frederick Elmes was shot in 1979 by filmmaker Tom Christie for his television production class at UCLA. It takes place at one of ERASERHEAD’s locations in Los Angeles, where the Beverly Center shopping mall now stands.