• Fresh Kill


    Directed by Shu Lea Cheang • 1994 • United States
    Starring Sarita Choudhury, Erin McMurtry, Abraham Lim

    Taiwanese-born new-media visionary Shu Lea Cheang directs this avant-anarcho ecosatire, in which a lesbian couple living on Staten Island find themselves ensnared in a vast conspiracy involvin...

  • Directed by Desiree Akhavan

    1 season

    Iranian American writer-director-actor Desiree Akhavan has been hailed for her bold depictions of female sexuality and queer identity, both in her two feature films and in her acclaimed television series “The Bisexual.” Brash yet empathetic, Akhavan explores the journey of a young queer woman who...

  • Growing Up Gay

    1 season

    The mundane is rendered miraculous in these richly impressionistic evocations of the inner worlds of young boys grappling with questions of sexuality, identity, and religion. Director Terrance Daye drew inspiration from growing up Black and queer in a religious household to create his lyrical pri...

  • Boys Don’t Cry


    Directed by Kimberly Peirce • 1999 • United States
    Starring Hilary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard

    Kimberly Peirce’s dramatization of the tragic true story of Brandon Teena—a young trans man living in rural Nebraska who was murdered in a vicious hate crime—brought the 1990s New Queer Cinem...

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post


    Directed by Desiree Akhavan • 2018 • United States, United Kingdom
    Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, John Gallagher Jr., Sasha Lane

    In 1993, teenager Cameron (Chloë Grace Moretz) is sent to a conversion-therapy center after being caught with another girl in the back seat of a car on prom night. Run b...

  • Pier Kids
    Movie + 1 extra

    Pier Kids

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Elegance Bratton • 2019 • United States
    Starring Krystal Dixon, DeSean Irby, Jusheem Thorne

    Elegance Bratton’s powerfully empathetic documentary is an immersion into the lives of the homeless queer and transgender youth who have forged a community of their own on downtown Manhattan’s...

  • A Special Day
    Movie + 3 extras

    A Special Day

    Movie + 3 extras

    Directed by Ettore Scola • 1977 • Italy
    Starring Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni

    Italian cinema dream team Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni are cast against glamorous type and deliver two of the finest performances of their careers in this moving, quietly subversive drama from Ettore Sco...

  • Portrait of Jason


    Directed by Shirley Clarke • 1967 • United States
    Starring Jason Holliday

    On the night of December 2, 1966, Shirley Clarke and a tiny crew convened in her apartment at the Hotel Chelsea to make a film. For twelve straight hours, they filmed the one-and-only Jason Holliday as he spun tales, sang,...

  • Querelle
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder • 1982 • Germany
    Starring Brad Davis, Franco Nero, Jeanne Moreau

    Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s final film is a deliriously stylized tale of hothouse lust and simmering violence. Set amid an expressionistic soundstage vision of a French sea port, this da...

  • Burroughs: The Movie
    Movie + 10 extras

    Burroughs: The Movie

    Movie + 10 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #789

    Made up of intimate, revelatory footage of the singular author and poet filmed over the course of five years, Howard Brookner’s 1983 documentary about William S. Burroughs was for decades mainly the stuff of legend; that changed when Aaron Brookner, the late dir...

  • Jubilee
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Derek Jarman • 1978 • United Kingdom
    Starring Jenny Runacre, Little Nell, Toyah Willcox

    When Queen Elizabeth I asks her court alchemist to show her England in the future, she’s transported 400 years to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of roving girl gangs, an all-powerful media mogul, fa...

  • Desert Hearts
    Movie + 7 extras

    Desert Hearts

    Movie + 7 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #902

    Donna Deitch's swooning and sensual first narrative feature, DESERT HEARTS, was groundbreaking upon its release in 1985: a love story about two women, made entirely independently, on a shoestring budget, by a woman. In this 1959-set film, adapted from a belove...

  • The Times of Harvey Milk

    Movie + 16 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #557

    A true twentieth-century trailblazer, Harvey Milk was an outspoken human rights activist and one of the first openly gay U.S. politicians elected to public office; even after his assassination in 1978, he continues to inspire disenfranchised people around the wo...

  • Four Films by Michelle Parkerson

    1 season

    For Michelle Parkerson, filmmaking and activism are inextricably entwined. Using her camera to bring untold stories of Black and queer female identity to the screen as a producer and director, Parkerson has profiled trailblazing performers and activists such as influential jazz singer Betty Carte...

  • Mala Noche
    Movie + 2 extras

    Mala Noche

    Movie + 2 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #407

    With its low budget and lush black-and-white imagery, Gus Van Sant’s debut feature MALA NOCHE heralded an idiosyncratic, provocative new voice in American independent film. Set in Van Sant’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, the film evokes a world of transient wo...

  • In a Year of 13 Moons

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder • 1978 • West Germany
    Starring Volker Spengler, Ingrid Caven, Gottfried John

    This heartrendingly compassionate tragedy from Rainer Werner Fassbinder traces the final days in the life of Elvira (Volker Spengler), a transgender woman spurned by her former lover...

  • Homoerotic for the Holidays

    1 season

    Queer love and desire smolder behind bars in these unconventional holiday tales. Harry Lighton’s expectation-defying short WREN BOYS spins off in increasingly surprising directions as it unravels the relationships between an incarcerated man, his boyfriend on the outside, and an Irish Catholic pr...

  • Weekend
    Movie + 7 extras


    Movie + 7 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #622

    This sensual, remarkably observed, beautifully acted wonder is the breakout feature from British writer-director-editor Andrew Haigh. Rarely has a film been as honest about sexuality—in both depiction and discussion—as this tale of a one-night stand that devel...

  • Shakedown


    Directed by Leilah Weinraub • 2018 • United States

    Charting the eight-year run of Shakedown, a peripatetic black lesbian strip club in Los Angeles, director Leilah Weinraub attempts “to portray the before and after of a utopic moment.” Weinraub presents a world unto itself, shaped by the desires...

  • Victim
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Basil Dearden • 1961 • United Kingdom

    An extraordinary performance by Dirk Bogarde grounds this intense, sobering indictment of early-sixties social intolerance and sexual puritanism. Bogarde plays Melville Farr, a married barrister who is one of a large group of closeted London men ...

  • Je tu il elle
    Movie + 1 extra

    Je tu il elle

    Movie + 1 extra

    Directed by Chantal Akerman • 1975 • France

    In her provocative first feature, Chantal Akerman stars as an aimless young woman who leaves self-imposed isolation to embark on a road trip that leads to lonely love affairs with a male truck driver and a former girlfriend. With its famous real-time c...

  • Audience


    Directed by Barbara Hammer • 1982 • United States

    An incredible document of the LGBT film scene in the early 1980s (as well as artist Barbara Hammer’s off-the-charts charisma), AUDIENCE finds Hammer working in a more straightforward documentary mode than usual. Hammer interviews her largely lesb...

  • Dustin


    Directed by Naïla Guiguet • 2020 • France
    Starring Dustin Muchuvitz, Félix Maritaud, Raya Martigny

    In an abandoned warehouse, a crowd—including a young transgender woman and her boyfriend—dances as one to techno music. As the night wears on, collective hysteria morphs into sweet melancholy, and ...

  • The Films of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman

    1 season

    For decades, the queer experience on-screen was defined by invisibility and marginalization. The trailblazing works of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have been instrumental in changing that. Since the 1970s, when he contributed to the Mariposa Collective’s WORD IS OUT—a landmark documentary tha...