Criterion Editions

Criterion Editions

Criterion Editions
  • Nothing but a Man
    Movie + 3 extras

    Nothing but a Man

    Movie + 3 extras

    Directed by Michael Roemer • 1964 • United States
    Starring Ivan Dixon, Abbey Lincoln, Julius Harris

    Michael Roemer’s groundbreaking first feature, sensitively shot by his close collaborator Robert M. Young, is a still-resonant expression of humanity in the face of virulent prejudice. Made at the...

  • Don’t Look Now
    Movie + 8 extras

    Don’t Look Now

    Movie + 8 extras

    Directed by Nicolas Roeg • 1973 • United Kingdom
    Starring Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie

    Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie mesmerize as a married couple on an extended trip to Venice following a family tragedy. While in that elegantly decaying city, they have a series of inexplicable, terr...

  • Purple Noon
    Movie + 5 extras

    Purple Noon

    Movie + 5 extras

    Directed by René Clément • 1960 • France, Italy
    Starring Alain Delon, Maurice Ronet, Marie Laforêt

    Alain Delon was at his most impossibly beautiful when PURPLE NOON was released and made him an instant star. This ripe, colorful adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s vicious novel “The Talented Mr. R...

  • On the Waterfront
    Movie + 14 extras

    On the Waterfront

    Movie + 14 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #647

    Marlon Brando gives the performance of his career as the tough prizefighter-turned-longshoreman Terry Malloy in this masterpiece of urban poetry. A raggedly emotional tale of individual failure and social corruption, ON THE WATERFRONT follows Terry’s deepening m...

  • Targets
    Movie + 4 extras


    Movie + 4 extras

    Directed by Peter Bogdanovich • 1968 • United States
    Starring Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Peter Bogdanovich

    Old Hollywood collides with New Hollywood, and screen horror with real-life horror, in the startling debut feature from Peter Bogdanovich. Produced by Roger Corman, this chillingly prescie...

  • A Raisin in the Sun
    Movie + 7 extras

    A Raisin in the Sun

    Movie + 7 extras

    Directed by Daniel Petrie • 1961 • United States
    Starring Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil, Ruby Dee

    Lorraine Hansberry’s immortal “A Raisin in the Sun” was the first play by a black woman to be performed on Broadway. Two years later, the production came to the screen, directed by Daniel Petrie. T...

  • The Manchurian Candidate

    Movie + 7 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #803

    The name John Frankenheimer became forever synonymous with heart-in-the-throat filmmaking when this quintessential sixties political thriller was released. Set in the early fifties, this razor-sharp adaptation of the novel by Richard Condon concerns the decora...

  • Seconds
    Movie + 5 extras


    Movie + 5 extras

    Directed by John Frankenheimer • 1966 • United States
    Starring Rock Hudson, Salome Jens, John Randolph

    Rock Hudson is a revelation in this sinister, science-fiction-inflected dispatch from the fractured 1960s. SECONDS, directed by John Frankenheimer, concerns a middle-aged banker who, dissatisfi...

  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Movie + 10 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #982

    With this trailblazing musical, writer-director-star John Cameron Mitchell and composer-lyricist Stephen Trask brought their signature creation from stage to screen for a movie as unclassifiable as its protagonist. Raised a boy in East Berlin, Hedwig (Mitchell) ...

  • After Hours
    Movie + 5 extras

    After Hours

    Movie + 5 extras

    Directed by Martin Scorsese • 1985 • United States
    Starring Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Verna Bloom

    Desperate to escape his mind-numbing routine, uptown Manhattan office worker Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne) ventures downtown for a hookup with a mystery woman (Rosanna Arquette). So begins the...

  • Personal Shopper
    Movie + 2 extras

    Personal Shopper

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Olivier Assayas • 2016 • France
    Starring Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz

    With this intimate supernatural drama, the celebrated French filmmaker Olivier Assayas conjures a melancholy ghost story set in the world of celebrity and haute couture. Starring Kristen Stewart, ...

  • Werckmeister Harmonies

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky • 2000 • Hungary
    Starring Lars Rudolph, Peter Fitz, Hanna Schygulla

    This mesmeric parable of societal collapse is an enigma of transcendent visual, philosophical, and mystical resonance. Adapted from a novel by László Krasznahorkai, WERCKMEISTER HARMONIE...

  • Drive My Car
    Movie + 3 extras

    Drive My Car

    Movie + 3 extras

    Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi • 2021 • Japan
    Starring Hidetoshi Nishijima, Toko Miura, Reika Kirishima

    Only Ryusuke Hamaguchi, with his extraordinary sensitivity to the mysterious resonances of human interactions, could sweep up international awards (including the Oscar for Best International Fe...

  • Mulholland Dr.
    Movie + 6 extras

    Mulholland Dr.

    Movie + 6 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #779

    A love story in the city of dreams . . .
    Blonde Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) has only just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when she meets an enigmatic brunette with amnesia (Laura Harring). Meanwhile, as the two set off to solve the second woman’s ident...

  • El Norte
    Movie + 5 extras

    El Norte

    Movie + 5 extras

    Directed by Gregory Nava • 1983 • Guatemala, United States
    Starring Ernesto Gómez Cruz, David Villalpando, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez

    Brother and sister Enrique and Rosa flee persecution at home in Guatemala and journey north, through Mexico and on to the United States, with the dream of starting a ...

  • Bergman Island
    Movie + 3 extras

    Bergman Island

    Movie + 3 extras

    Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve • 2021 • France
    Starring Vicky Krieps, Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska

    Writer-director Mia Hansen-Løve embarks on a luminous summertime odyssey to the home of Ingmar Bergman for her seventh feature, a graceful, shape-shifting tale about the interplay of life and art and the ...

  • Heaven’s Gate
    Movie + 6 extras

    Heaven’s Gate

    Movie + 6 extras

    Directed by Michael Cimino • 1980 • United States
    Starring Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt

    A breathtaking depiction of the promise and perils of America’s western expansion, HEAVEN’S GATE, directed by Michael Cimino, is among Hollywood’s most ambitious and unorthodox epics. Kri...

  • Love Affair
    Movie + 6 extras

    Love Affair

    Movie + 6 extras

    Directed by Leo McCarey • 1939 • United States
    Starring Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Maria Ouspenskaya

    Golden-age Hollywood’s humanist master Leo McCarey brings his graceful touch and relaxed naturalism to this sublime romance, one of cinema’s most intoxicating tear-wringers. Irene Dunne and Char...

  • The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Luis Buñuel • 1972 • France
    Starring Fernando Rey, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Paul Frankeur

    In Luis Buñuel’s deliciously satiric masterpiece, an upper-class sextet sits down to dinner but never eats, their attempts continually thwarted by a vaudevillian mixture of events both actual and ima...

  • Farewell Amor
    Movie + 6 extras

    Farewell Amor

    Movie + 6 extras

    Directed by Ekwa Msangi • 2020 • United States
    Starring Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Zainab Jah, Jayme Lawson

    In her luminous feature debut, filmmaker Ekwa Msangi chronicles a broken family’s journey to wholeness with empathy and insight. Seventeen years after his family was separated by the civil wa...

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    Movie + 12 extras

    Criterion Collection Edition #304

    THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH is a daring exploration of science fiction as an art form. The story of an alien on an elaborate rescue mission provides the launching pad for Nicolas Roeg’s visual tour de force, a formally adventurous examination of alienation in cont...

  • The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Yasujiro Ozu • 1952 • Japan
    Starring Shin Saburi, Michiyo Kogure, Keiko Tsushima

    One of the ineffably lovely domestic sagas made by Yasujiro Ozu at the height of his mastery, THE FLAVOR OF GREEN TEA OVER RICE is a sublimely piercing portrait of a marriage coming quietly undone. Secre...

  • An Autumn Afternoon
    Movie + 3 extras

    An Autumn Afternoon

    Movie + 3 extras

    Directed by Yasujiro Ozu • 1962 • Japan
    Starring Chishu Ryu, Shima Iwashita, Keiji Sada

    The last film by Yasujiro Ozu was also his final masterpiece, a gently heartbreaking story about a man’s dignifed resignation to life’s shifting currents and society’s modernization. Though the widower Shuhei...

  • The Only Son
    Movie + 2 extras

    The Only Son

    Movie + 2 extras

    Directed by Yasujiro Ozu • 1936 • Japan
    Starring Choko Iida, Shinichi Himori, Masao Hayama

    Yasujiro Ozu’s first talkie, the uncommonly poignant THE ONLY SON is among the Japanese director’s greatest works. In its simple story about a good-natured mother who gives up everything to ensure her son’...